Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NOTD: Maybelline Coral Radiance

Above and Below: Maybelline Coral Radiance in natural light, no flash, above. It appears much more coral than when shown with a flash (below), whereas it is more of a pink shade.

Above & Below: Above is again, with a flash. Below is a close-up to show you the tiny gold glitter.
Below: Hair salon necessities I got today (necessities makes it sound more like I needed these than that I wanted these!).
Maybelline Express Finish in Coral Radiance is a new LE available in a small, tabletop display at most drug stores. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago along with Summer n' Spice and Pot of Gold, the other 2 polishes in this little collection. Summer n' Spice is a bit more coppery than Coral Radiance and Pot of Gold is just over the top giant gold glitter chunks! I'm not sure how that one was intended to fit into this collection, as it seems totally different from the other two. Coral Radiance is a very pretty coral/pink shade with lovely gold glimmer. With a flash and in sunlight it shows as much more of a pink tone, while in indirect sunlight or without a flash, it is more coral. It's pretty either way, but I love when it looks more coral.

I had a hair appointment this morning, which is always enjoyable. She took my hair up another level (7 or 8, I think she said) with highlights and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. My natural hair color is one step away from being black, so the only way to lighten it effectively, is with highlighting. I picked up a few new Redken products and they have a punch card system where you get one punch each time you buy a product, and after 10 punches you can choose a free product. I completed my card today and I love the Pureology line, but not the price, so I got a bottle of their shampoo, a $26.00 product for free (I'm sure I've paid for it somewhere along the way!). I also picked up a couple of sample packs for my husband, who could care less about shampoo, or any product like that. Now if I'd brought him home a tool of some sort, he'd be more excited.


  1. Am properly laughing about you bringing your husband a tool home - mine only gets excited if I bring him biscuits, Thorntons (lush UK luxury chocolate brand) Peppermind Creams, or a gadget magazine. Men!

    That is a lovely colour on you. I'm still not quite there with pinks as they are odd with my skintone but it doesn't deter me from buying them!
    By the way, the haul I got in Windsor contained a Maybelline - not sure if it was Express Finish though - need to check.

  2. *PepperminT.
    It's been a long day!

  3. I like how you use the term "necessities"...lol! That gave me a chuckle. Pretty nail polish. My local Walgreens does not have the new Maybelline polish out yet. I'll have to be on the look out. It's always nice getting the hair done. I don't have mine colored. Not yet at least...lol! But I always feel refreshed, after having it cut. Hmmm...I haven't tried Redken. Paul Mitchell products always snag my attention. Yes...my husband is the same way..lol! Give him a tool and he's happy!

  4. How about a picture of your lightened color? Too funny about your husband. Good thing you bought those "necessities", I don't know what would have happened it you didn't! Women always need necessities in life. Make it bearable. Especially Mom's. Love the Maybelline on you. I love polish with a gold shimmer. My favorite lipstick is a Maybelline with a gold shimmer. I don't even know if it's still made. I hope so.

  5. Helen~I'd probably pick out the wrong kind of tool, just like he's pick out the wrong nail color, although he does surprise me every now and again!

    Velvet~that's great you don't color your hair, hold off as long as you can! I like Paul Mitchell too, but Redken is probably overall, my favorite. I have way too many hair products. Hmmm, I sense a problem here!

    Lucy~I'll see how my hair turns out and post it soon for you! It always takes me a day or two to style it right after a cut. Maybe I'll pose in front of Mike's fruit trees :) That lipstick sounds very pretty, with gold shimmer.

  6. Such a pretty coral color! Great haul.

  7. I love this one! I didn't see it when I got my Pot of Gold, I will have to keep an eye out for this one. I love express finish, They are so easy to work with and come out with some of the best colors, LE of coarse!

  8. Robyn~thanks! I especially love it in indirect lighting..wish it always looked like that!

    Kitty~Express Finishes are great, I agree. Too bad they're all LE, or at least the good ones are!