Thursday, May 21, 2009

NOTD: MAC Vin Goth. Also, OPI Matte 2009?!!!

Good morning, I hope everyone's looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend, at least here in the U.S.A.! Today is my busy day when I'm out of the house most of the day, so I'll try and catch up on everyone's blogs this evening. My NOTD is another of the MAC's I got earlier this week at the CCO. I usually get a bunch of new polishes, try one out and then they go into the drawer of untried's never to be seen again for a long time. So in an attempt to use them and show them to you in more than just a haul/bottle picture, here's my second one of the three I got, Vin Goth. I like the name, a little play on words. It's a very dark purple, reminding me a bit of grape juice, even slightly darker. It has quite a bit of sparkle and shimmer in the bottle, but that doesn't seem to transfer to the nail quite as vividly as it looks in the bottle. It's a pretty color though, and was opaque in 2 coats with an easy application. I did call the CCO yesterday to see if they had any more of Toast of the Town (my post yesterday), but they didn't. I thought it would be fun to use them as prizes in a contest, but it was not to be.

With matte polishes being all the rage, according to the fashion industry and many of the blogs I read, I was Google searching mattes and came across this brief article about OPI Matte 2009, which is said to have 6 "in demand" colors and I assume, be released for Fall 2009. I adore mattes and will be doing some more posting on them next week. I can't find any other information to support this supposed new collection, but if it's true, I'm quite anxious to get a look at it. I already have an idea of 6 shades I would love to see them release in a matte finish, but with OPI being somewhat on the conservative side, in my opinion, I doubt they'll be thinking the same shades as me. What colors would you like them to release in this collection? A dark forest green would be my first choice, a dark teal would be wonderful, and of course a burgundy is always nice for Fall. Here's what the article (from says:

OPI Goes Matte for 2009 Posted on May 15, 2009 @ 07:23 am OPI unveiled a new look in nail color – an edgy new matte finish that is daring, trend-setting, head-turning!New OPI Matte features six of OPI’s most in-demand shades in this must-have new look.“OPI Matte is cutting edge for nails in terms of sophistication and style,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI executive vice president and artistic director. “An all-matte nail is fresh, confident, and very fashion runway, and OPI Matte is meant for those moments when you want to make a major fashion statement.OPI Matte does not wear as long as original OPI Nail Lacquer – but its impact is long remembered!”


  1. Now, only the other day Brooke was saying she wished Grape Juice was darker... this could be the solution.

    I was trying to work out the pun on the name for a while and was thinking Vin as in Vin Diesel, not Vin as in Van Gogh! Doh!
    Lovely colour though.

    I don't own any matte polishes and I'm not sure...need convincing I think!

    Oh and thankyou sooooo much for checking out availability of TOTT for me - that is unbelievably sweet of you and I'm really touched x

  2. This is so rich looking, fantastic!

  3. That is a beautiful color! Love it

  4. THis color is absolutly gorgeous!! Very, very pretty!!

    ugh!!!! more mattes??? lol - i guess I could always shine them up with a top coat though!

  5. I love this color! I hope opi comes out with mattes, then I could afford to get some!

  6. This is a stunning color !!! I love it !

    And OPI's mattes ? that sounds awesome !!

  7. Oh I love this color! So rich and deep purple. I would like to see a matte red, olive, burgundy and black of course. OPI would be much cheaper than KO polish. This color is lovely on you Mary. Enjoy the holiday.

  8. Helen~I like this polish, it's a bit of a different shade of purple. I'm going to keep hunting for TotT for you! And yes, you NEED mattes!

    Nixxy~thanks, I'm glad you like it!

    Clockwork~you're right, it is kind of regal looking :)

    Kae~thanks! It's a nice shade, just wished for a bit more glitter.

    Deez~yes, I'm quite satisfied with the polishes I found. I must do it again soon!

    Kristine~thank you, it's pretty but I think I was expecting a little more...I don't know what, just a bit more shimmer or glitter :)

    Brooke~I thought you might like this one! You are going to become a matte convert, I just know it :)

    Kitty~let's just hope there are some good colors in the collection!

    Tuli~thanks, but your Orly purple was much prettier :) I hope we can see some pics of the OPI matte's sometime soon.

    Lucy~I'm glad you like it :) An olive green matte would be very cool. You have a wonderful holiday, too!

  9. That color is right up my alley, completely gorgeous! So glad you posted this. I've been seeing a lot of MAC nail shades I really like, I might have to break down and check out their polishes.

  10. The colour on that polish is just so cool! I've head about OPI Matte too and I really hope that it's true!

  11. Pretty colour!

    Makes me want to actually check out the selections we have here at the MAC counter!

  12. Thankyou so much Mary! Let me know how the search goes and I'll trade you some Barry M in return!

  13. Nicole~they made some nice shades and most of them that I have apply well.

    Alexlyndra~the OPI matte sounds like it's a definite thing. Glad you like the MAC one, I love it!

    Delaynee~thanks! See if there's a CCO near you, they're $7.00 compared to $11.00 (I think!) at the regular counter.

    Helen~sounds good to me :)