Monday, May 25, 2009

NOTD: Finger Paints Ripe Peach

Today's nail of the day is from the Finger Paints Sunburst Summer collection, a fairly new offering from FP which includes 6 shades. I found this recently at my Sally Beauty and picked up a couple of other polishes from this collection. It's a true peach, reminding me of the Orange Push Up ice cream treats we loved as kids. It dries a bit darker than that, but is still a very nice medium shade of peach. It looks to have the tiniest bit of shimmer when viewing the bottle or my pictures, but it is entirely a creme. This took 3 coats to cover completely, but it dried nicely and didn't cause me any grief! My nails are in desperate need of reshaping and intensive moisture repair after all of the gardening and planting we did over this long weekend, so I'm going to try and get to that tonight. But the plus side is, our yard is starting to look very nice and we're happy with how much we got accomplished.


  1. It does look like the orange push up pops! I remember those...yum! This is so pretty with your skin tone. Glad to hear that guys are feeling satisfied with your yard. It's always nice to get the outside spruced up after the long winter.

  2. I don't know why, but I think that this color is very "you" it's very pretty :-) I'm curious to know what other colors are in this collection and if you got them.

  3. Velvet~Thaks, I do tend to gravitate toward peach shades and corals, especially in the summer. I love seeing the yard with all of it's colors and newness this time of year.

    Tuli~you know, this is kind of 'my' color! I also got the yellow,the teal and the lilac. I can't remember what the other colors were. It seems there was a reddish shade. I don't know :)

  4. I love this! And now I really wan't an orange creme popcicle! I love going outside in the yard and just enjoying the loveliness!

  5. This peach is a pretty color on you. I bet your nails and hands need some TLC! Yardwork is tough on the hands. It will be worth it for your family.

  6. Such a cute creamsicle color, love this. ^^

  7. Pretty colour! Very summery. Great for the upcoming summer, or.. it's sumer now!

  8. Kitty~it really does remind me of those push-ups! I love being outdoors and doing yardwork, it's very rewarding.

    Lucy~thanks, I love peach shades. We certainly enjoy 'playing' in the yard.

    Chrissy~thank you :)

    Clockwork~thanks, it's a great summer color.

    Alexlyndra~Yes, it's just the start of summer here. Actually, June 21 is the official date of summer, but it's summer weather now!


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