Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mini Haul From Head2Toe Beauty

L-R: Creative Nail Design Vitality (a coral creme, can't have too many corals!), Hotski to Tchotchke (I love turquoise polishes), Blue Nirvana (I've wanted this for a long time, a periwinkle-violet with subtle shimmer), Essie Huckle Buckle (similar to Blue Nirvana but more violet), Potato Fields (I just harvested my potato fields in the Farm Town Facebook application and that is the reason I chose this one, for the name!) and of course, Color Club's Revvolution.

Not too much to post today as I'm working in the yard and don't see the sense in doing my nails! My small order from Head2Toe Beauty arrived yesterday, so I do have that to share with you. My Essie choices are quite limited in my collection and I wanted to add a couple of that brand, and the same with my Creative polishes. And because everyone (Bring on the Bling and Clockwork...I blame them!) else shared their Revvolution by Color Club, I just couldn't hold out any longer in getting that one. My husband told me I should share his morning haul at Lowe's today (I'm sure he was kidding), so I included the only item I could fit in the picture, the tag off of his apple tree that he's already planted. I think he's a farmer at heart, because he now has 2 apple trees, a peach tree and a pear tree. I'm going to order him a Japanese Plum tree later today. He doesn't complain about my vices, I don't complain about his. Although his do seem a bit more viable than my fascination with nail polish and beauty products!


  1. Nice haul ! Revvvolution is one of my fav, so amazing !

  2. Nice haul! I love all of it! I've been dying to do a big haul at both head2toe & transdesign, but I'm trying to be good and wait alittle more. It's so hard! lol!

  3. OOOOHHH I just got my Revvolution this week ! just haven't got to post it yet. Those are really nice color you've chose there, can't wait to see their swatches :-)

  4. How funny that he wants to show his haul. He should have his own blog. Our family had fruit trees when I lived at home. We had an acre of land that our house was on. We had a peach tree that bore the sweetest peaches. I absolutely loved them. Juices just running down your arms when you bit into them. Next to watermelon there my favorite fruit. We had about 6 plum trees. My Mom used to make amazing plum jam. I love all the polishes you bought. Love to see all your fruit trees. Have they born any fruit yet? Have some relaxing time on this holiday.

  5. Celine~I've been wanting Revvolution for a while, it always looks so incredible in the photos I've seen.

    Kitty~I like H2T and Transdesign, but H2T closer to me and I wanted it before the weekend :)

    Tuli~thanks, and glad you got Revvolution also! I'll try to get to swatches soon :)

    Lucy~I'll tell him to start a blog~ha-ha! I don't even think he's ever seen mine. I've offered him the website, but he'd rather be outside working in the yard! It looks like we may have some fruit this year on the peach and pear trees. I'll post a picture of the harvest :)

  6. I have been wanting Revvolution for a while now! It looks gorgeous in the bottle. There's another that came out with the same collection, it looks like it's out of stock at Head2Toe but I've seen it swatched and I want it. Hrmph.
    Those Essie are cute! I still haven't tried an Essie polish, I almost bought one today and I put it down again. I agree with you, I find coral colors almost impossible to resist! Great choices all around.

  7. Oooh! As soon as I saw the photo with Revvvolution. I thought.."oh my she's done gone and bought it"! Lol! You will love it! I like the other polishes you picked up too! Yes, my husband likes to rattle off funny comments too. About what I share of his on my blog. Of course it's always in jest...but he really amuses! Silly man! At least he has a sense of humor about my nail polish!

  8. Revvvolution, yay! I've got one too, but never tried it out yet!

  9. I never tire of seeing photos of Revvolution - it is a gorgeous polish. I'm just waiting for my ebay contact to grab one.

    I like the look of the blue Essie - looking forward to seeing that one. Potato Fields looks similar to another Essie I have - Pound Cake. Will be interested to see the photos to see how similar they really are.

  10. ooh great colors! I bet your collection is awesome!

  11. Nice haul, I like the look of Huckle Buckle and Blue Nirvana especially.

  12. Nicole~I'd seen Revvolution too many times and I finally caved :) Essie's to me aren't that great, but alot of people seem to love them, so I'm trying to make myself love them. Corals are perhaps my favorite color in warm weather :)

    Velvet~you knew I couldn't hold out forever! My husband is really good about my makeup and nail polish 'problem', he never complains. Good man!

    Alexlyndra~yay! You have one too! It seems I was one of few without it!

    Helen~yep, you too 'need' Revvolution. Huckle Buckle is an Essie I'd been eyeing for a while, so I'm curious to see how it looks. I saw Pound Cake too and they do look similar.

    DSK~thank you. My collection would look better if half of it wasn't in drawers waiting for me to try it! I'm working on displaying it all. Hopefully in the next month I'll have it the way I want it!

    Clockwork~we have similar taste, as those are the 2 that intrigue me the most, at least in the bottle :)


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