Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Many Faces of MAC's Toast of the Town

I hope that these pictures come across the internet to you as well as this polish does to me in real is so smokin' hot and cool at the same time! This is one that I picked up earlier in the week at the Cosmetics Company Outlet in Michigan City, IN. It is the one that stood out to me more than the others and once I had it applied, it did not let me down. The pictures don't have any description, simply because I think they speak for themselves. Inside, outside, sun, shade, flash, no looks different in every one. Clicking on the pictures is highly recommended so you can see the many colors of this shade! I would describe the color as being a duo chrome, sometimes a bronze color, sometimes more burgundy and at times flashing an antiqued patina green shade. It's just lovely and I photographed it way too many times, but I wanted to try and capture all of it's beauty. I also used the other 2 MAC polishes I got and was happy with them, but I'll share those a little later with you. Toast of the Town needed a post of it's very own. I raise my glass to MAC on this one, it's truly unique.


  1. That´s a lovely nail polish!

  2. omg! that is super gorgeous! I looove it!!!

  3. The colour is gorgeous! I like it very much!

  4. Wow, that color really changes quite a bit! I love when polishes do that, very cool color!

  5. WOW! thats so cool! I don't have a CCO or a CVS! I'm so jealous!

  6. Neat!

    I like chocolate duo-chromes and chocolate shimmer polish's......

    Cover Girl had a pretty one, it is like, from 12 years ago called 'Chocolate Mint' but I like the bronze-ness of this Mac. Very pretty

  7. This one is so unique and pretty ! I don't think I ever saw a color like that :-)

  8. Lemming!Lemming!Lemming!Lemming!Lemming!

    Argh - that is the best polish I have seen in months.

    I Googled it last night after seeing it here and can't find it anywhere. I will persist though :0(

    Gorgeous. Lucky you!

  9. Hi Mary! This is a real beauty. Bronzey, silvery and burgundy. Lots of colors show up. Very pretty on you.

  10. Lucia~thank you, it's great, isn't it!

    Nehs~thanks for stopping by! It's a lovely color :)

    Gabriela~welcome, and thank you so much. I love this one.

    Brooke~isn't it cool, it has many personalities. I love it in the last pic, sort of a milky green.

    Kitty~this CCO is nothing special, but this was a great find!

    Deez~I just love the way the green appears. That CG one sounds interesting.

    Crissy~I'm glad you like it. The more I look at it, the more I love it.

    Delaynee~thanks for the comment! I added you to my blog reading list!

    Tuli~I've seen somewhat similar colors, but nothing quite as nice as this.

    Helen~I knew you wanted to see this so I thought I'd check it out. I love it and I called that CCO this morning to see if they had more so I could run and get some for you and others, but they didn't have any left :(

    Lucy~Hi! It's really quite favorite item from that little shopping trip :)

  11. Wow that duochrome is stunning! Love the different colors.

  12. Mary, this did turn out to be a gorgeous shade! I love how it changes, that's amazing.

  13. Wow, it really is absolutely beautiful! I love that the shades changes in different lights!

  14. Alexlyndra~I love polishes hat change, too. I wish I had more of them!

    Nicole~isn't it fantastic? I knew by looking at the bottle that it would be unique, but I had no idea it would be this great :)

    Celine~hello! Thank you, so many different colors in one polish!