Thursday, May 7, 2009

Konad: Sally Hansen Pure Crystal & Finger Paints Black Gumdrop

Above: Konad plate #65, Sally Hansen Pure Crystal and Finger Paints Black Gumdrop. Click to enlarge picture.

Below: Totally off-topic, but I picked these up at the store yesterday and they look so good! Freeze Pops in all my favorite pop flavors. I should add a little box on my sidebar titled "Food I'm Stuffing Into My Mouth While Blogging" and then do a little review for you!
Sally Hansen's Crystal Chrome Nail Makeup in Pure Crystal is a polish I picked up a while back at Walgreen's for $1.00, which is probably more than it's worth. I've been trying to use some of my untried's and this is the one I randomly pulled out. It's a horrible, streaky mess that took many, many coats and there were still some 'bald' spots on my nails, you know how some chromes do that? So I thought I could salvage it by covering it up with a Konad. I used Black Gumdrop by Finger Paints, which is an extremely dark purple shimmer that looks almost black. I used the Konad #65 plate for my pattern. It's kind of a mess, but I really want to make an effort to use my Konad more. I think I've only used it 3 or 4 times and I've had it 6 months. But I just HAD to have it. Poor Konad, I'll start spending more time with you.


  1. That turned out to be a great Konadicure ! and you're idea of painting one nail in black added so much ! I really love Konad :-)

  2. Freeze pops in soda flavors, dag sounds good! Like the way the mani turned out :)

  3. I love this, and I like how you used 2 diff colors (black for the ring finger). Yay for Konad. I like the design you chose!

    YAY for freeze pops!! I want soda freezepopsss.

  4. I'm so tired of Sweden, as you may have noticed. :P You have you Walgreen's with polishes for $1.00, and I think our cheapest polish in Sweden, in US dollars, costs about $3.00. You have good polishes too for those cheap prices, it's amazing!
    What I've also seen from America is that you have a lot of foods and stuff with crazy (not bad) flavours! We have a lot of American shows in Sweden so that's where I catch my information. :P It is a big country, though. I think it's cool!

  5. I think I have that SH chrome too! This turned out really nice anyways. I have to try those soda pops! let us know how the are!

  6. Wow! I think the mani looks gorgeous! Too bad about the bald spots. Cause that's a cool looking chrome. I love the swirl choice for konading. So pretty.

  7. Oh..the freeze pops look and sound tasty too! Lol!

  8. First and foremost - where the heck did you find those freeze pops at? And please let it be a store I can get them from. Those look so darn tastey - especially the DP ones, that's my drink of choice!

    Second - congrats on giving the konad a little love! I think it turned out great. Too bad that the SH didn't work, but you can't tell from the pics at all.

  9. Mary I think your design turned out well. I like the different colored nail. Pretty pattern also. I haven't seen Freeze Pops in years. I love Dr Pepper it's my favorite soda. I use diet that is. Still is the best tasting diet soda. I especially love the cherry Dr Pepper. I'm all out, oh no!

  10. oh no! lol I just checked the poll and there is a three way tie right now and only 5 hours left to vote! What are you gonna do miss Mary???

  11. Tuli~thanks! My idea of one nail being dark was because I screwed up the design so I covered it with the Gumdrop polish and reversed the print!

    Clockwork~I had my first one, 7-Up freeze pop tonight...yummy! Glad you like the Konad.

    Chrissy~glad you like it! See my response to Tuli above as to why one nail was dark :)

    Alexlyndra~aw, Sweden is nice too! Trust me, we have our problems over here, but I love do love it. I know that we have it pretty good in the U.S. Have you ever been here? Stop watching those American shows :)

    Kitty~does your SH Chrome apply bad? I had the 7-Up pop tonight and it was goooooood!

    Velvet~chromes are a bit hard for me to work with. Thanks, I like that design, too.

    Brooke~are you trying to rig my poll (you Pure Ice lover, you!)? I got the freeze pops at our local chain grocery store that yes, they're just around here. Dr. Pepper is my all time favorite too, followed closely by those other 3. It says they're made by Mmmmm, they're good :) I'll look at Walmart tomorrow and let you know if they have them yet.

    Lucy~thanks! Dr. Pepper is the best, the flavored ones too! I've used DP lip smackers forever.

    Crissy~thank you! It's always hard for me to decide which one to use!

  12. Maybe next time I'll turn the tv off. ;) No I've never been there and I can't wait to finish school, then my top goal is to go to America.. Don't know where, though.