Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If You're Looking For The Perfect 'Shrek' Green...

Above and Below: Is that not the perfect Shrek nail polish?!! Below in sunlight coming through the window.

Above and Below: No flash is when it looks it's best. Look how nice it matches my pen.
...I've found your match! I'm sure many of you have lost sleep wondering where you might be able to find a green to match Shrek~let's hope not, anyway. I decided to reach into my bottomless untried drawer for today's NOTD and why, oh why did I have to pull this one out? I'm removing it shortly, but I thought it would be fun to share with you before I do that. The price sticker says .94 so for less than a dollar, I guess it was worth the laugh I got out of it after I started applying it. This is NYC Color's #110A, Luxury Lime Creme. Creme? That's what I thought too, it's clearly a shimmer. It's sheer, but applied well in 3 coats and dried quickly enough for my satisfaction. But isn't it ugly? I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of to give you a better description and Shrek popped into my mind almost immediately. So if you ever need a Shrek green (why you would, I don't know. I'm not here to judge you, just to inform you!), I would have to say, I think this is a perfect match!
I wanted to mention that I added a code for the new Shu Uemura website in the 'Tip Jar' column on your right. They recently launched a U.S. site and are offering 20% off and free shipping for orders over $50.00. I also added a poll in the upper right corner to help me determine my next 'Brand Focus' so place your vote! Lastly, this Friday is our first drawing for one of the OPI DS polishes so if you're interested, check out the details (above right column under "May Contest") and send me your contact information.


  1. lol - great post! I love the Shrek movies :)

    BTW - The poll worked just fine for me today!

  2. I love Shrek and yes, this polish is a great match!

  3. That is a great match, I love seing how you are matching polishes up to things !

    Love you blog!~ and thank you for sharing all the in depth info!

  4. Hi Mary! Love Shrek and the polish. Very cute. I like all your props that you use in your posts.

  5. Wow, great find!! I love Shrek green. Lol. Even if Shrek is ugly (but he grows on you :P) it's a damn nice color!

  6. Who wouldn't need a Shrek green color?? LOL! I love that ogre. I'd totally buy this and try out art on it. It's cute! I'm sure I saw this in Target the last time I was there.

  7. Shrek...lol......you right, they do match...lol...but I wouldn't say it's ugly, it's...interesting....and funny :-) LOL
    And I just LOVE your posts !

  8. i love Shrek!!This is totally funky!

  9. They really do match ;) Not something I'd normally wear, but it's kind of a cool color!

  10. Not really my colour although I love greens. I do like the shine on it though - very eyecatching. Now, if you could track down that perfect Donkey match you'd be talking my language ;0)

  11. Lol...that's perfect! Yes, just like Shrek!

  12. Clockwork~it is Shrek, for sure!

    Brooke~I love Shrek, too. Glad the poll worked for you :)

    Alexlyndra~Shrek's definitely a good match. I don't know how else to describe it!

    Deez~it's fun matching to things. Glad you like the 'in-depth' of my posts. That's mostly because I tend to talk to much irl too!

    Lucy~hello! Shrek is so cute, in an ugly way!

    Chrissy~I like the color, it just makes an ugly polish though, but a great Shrek match :)

    Pretty Brown Girl~I think I got it at Target. It may work better as an art base, kind of plain on it's own.

    Tuli~saying the color is interesting is very nice of you :) Glad you like my posts, I enjoy writing them.

    Katie~glad you like Shrek too! I think everyone loves him :)

    Vanessa~it's not something I would normally wear either!

    Helen~I'll put the thought of a Donkey gray/brown in the back of my mind and let you know when I find it!

    Velvet~it reminded me of Shrek, but I was surprised how close it actually was!

  13. I have two polishes that actually have a name from N.Y.C. one is Skin Tight Denim Crème and the other is Taxi Yellow Crème. The thing is, both of these have sparkle-shimmer to them... so I don't understand why they have "crème" in the name. Oh well. This IS the perfect "Shrek green!"