Saturday, May 30, 2009

Color Club Magic Attraction & Electronica

Above: Color Club Electronica, a lovely grape purple with shimmer. 2 coats, perfect application.
Above & Below: Color Club in Magic Attraction. This is an extremely cool polish! Click on pictures to experience what I'm talking about. The picture below is a blurred picture, but it shows the color a bit better this way.
Here are a couple of the colors I posted yesterday (in the bottle). Chloe asked to see Magic Attraction which I was curious about as well, so today we have that one along with Electronica. I'll be doing a couple of more posts this week using some of the Color Clubs I have, because most are untried and I'd like to at least be able to say that I've tried them! I actually think I have more than the ones I showed in the picture yesterday. I saw some on the shelf that weren't pictured, which tells me I really need to organize my stash again. Both of these are shown in 2 coats and they applied perfectly. They dried quickly and I'm very pleased with both of them. Magic Attraction is something very special, let me tell you. I have never seen anything quite like this! It's almost blinding to put it on, there are so many bright, beautiful colored sparkles. It's very difficult to photograph it's beauty, perhaps because it's on my right hand, which I seldom photograph and it was difficult for me to hold the camera still with my left hand. I thought it may work as a good layering polish, but it's so pigmented on it's own, I honestly don't know if you would be able to see the base coat through it. I'm not looking forward to removing it though, as it feels like it may be quite difficult. Very impressive polish, at any rate! I'll try and get to a few more of these tomorrow.


  1. I love this brand! Thanks for showing us these. That glitter is amazing! I will have to get some of these. Can't wait to see more!

  2. UGH! Those colors are both awesome! I really need to get my fingers on some of this brand, they look like so much fun. Of course, Electronica is my favorite of the two - I bet it will be hard to get off, but it's so gorgeous!

  3. I don't even need to tell you. That Magic Attraction is a favorite of! Electronica is a good one too! I know all about that shaky left hand. Trying to photograph the right!

  4. That is the best fuzzy glitter picture I have ever seen........

    both of these polish's are gorgeous.

  5. Wow I love electronica. I was debating on getting it or not but you made it look amazing. Now I'm definitely getting it! :)

  6. Kitty~yay! Glad you like them. I'll do some more tomorrow.

    Nicole~I really like Color Clubs and they're cheap! I removed Magic Attraction and yes, it was quite difficult, but worth it!

    Velvet~I thought you would enjoy Magic Attraction and I'm sure you already have it! My left arm was shaking so bad, I guess I need to add more weight to that arm when I lift my little weights every day :)

    Deez~thanks! I know the picture wasn't the best, but the effect was what I wanted!

    Nail Fanatic~I'm glad to help you make the decision :) It's a really pretty color.

  7. Love the purple color, Magic Attraction is blindingly wonderful!

  8. Oh yes, give me more glitter! I am Velvet's glitter twin. I have to check to see if I have this. Love Electronica also. Both look pretty on you. Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to lift those weights. Which polish brand is heavier so you can use it?

  9. what a gorgoeous colors ! Both of them !!I love the deepness of Electronica and its finish and I just love Magic Attraction - I wanted to order it also in my haul, but I had to give up on it for now, because I could only order 6 in that order....

  10. Woah Magic Attraction is super exciting.

  11. I've had thought back and forth about buying both of these polishes, but I haven't since I think Electronica is too much alike OPI Ink (which I own) and Magic Attraction sure is attractive but as you say, removing it is nothing you look forward to. :P

  12. Kae~I agree with everything you said!

    Lucy~ha-ha, yes, maybe if I lift heavier polishes that'll be the answer :)

    Tuli~glad you like them! Just add it to the next order~but by the time I place an order my list has always grown so long, I end up having to cancel some of them :/

    Clockwork~I was so excited when I was applying this one. I couldn't believe how pretty it was.

    Alexlyndra~Magic Attraction is a must have! Even with the removal it's so worth it :)

  13. Gorgeous! I have a silver Color Club but am yet to give it a whirl.

    As for glitter removal, I find it helps to really soak a pad in remover and hold it to the nail for a minute or so before starting to rub away. It's not brilliant but it helps, rather than just shredding your cotton wool.


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