Monday, May 11, 2009

Brand Focus: Pure Ice~Part I

Above and Below: Index=Nasty Girl, Middle=Jamaica Me Crazy, Ring=First Time, Pinkie=Tease, Thumb=Splash. Below L-R: Splash, Nasty Girl, Jamaica Me Crazy, First Time, Tease.
Note: As always, click on pictures for more detail.
Above & Below: Thumb=Jaguar, Index=Scandal, Middle=Rosebud, Ring=Electric!, Pinkie=Dreamy. Below L-R: Jaguar, Scandal, Rosebud, Electric!, Dreamy.
Above: Rosebud over Electric! It looks like a duo chrome in certain lighting and totally surprised me with the look I got from this combination.
Below: Dreamy over Scandal. You can see at the cuticle the original color of Scandal, a very dark eggplant color. Dreamy not only adds tons of multi-colored glitter, but also changes the base color to appear a more obvious purple, rather than the dark, almost black that Scandal appears as when used alone.
Pure Ice nail polish is manufactured by Bari Cosmetics, who also manufactures Bon Bon, Love My Nails, Perfect 10 (all nail polishes) and various cosmetics such as eye shadows, lip gloss, and so on. I have contacted them several times with questions about their lines, and although they did e-mail back the first time with minimal information, I have been unable to get them to respond again. I have only seen Pure Ice at WalMart so I'm not sure that it's available elsewhere. Priced at only $1.97 a bottle, you really can't go wrong with this line. There are 50+ colors at my best guess and the coverage is very good at 2 coats for the cremes and 2-4 for the more sheer colors, depending on the look you're going for. I have found that many of their more sheer colors make the best layering polishes by not only adding shimmer or glitter, but by actually changing the base color beneath them. They do seem to add a few new colors each year, but they're not in separate displays, so you just have to be observant when looking at the entire selection. I wasn't sure how to approach this post because I wanted to share as many of these as I could, so rather than do a full manicure of 4-5 colors and just show you a bottle line up of the others I had, I'm going to try and show you just one-nail swatches of each color along with a few layering samples. You could literally spend days coming up with different looks by layering them, and for the price, you certainly get not only a great polish, but endless hours of discovering some very interesting combinations.


  1. I don't own any of this brand. I like the layered nails. I love glitter. The more the better. I really love your blog.

  2. Jamaica Me Crazy, First Time and Rosebud are really pretty! I love the layered one as well, beautiful!
    $1.97 a bottle?! That's not bad, not bad at all! :)

  3. Yippee- Skittles.... It's fun sometimes to run around with different color on each nail.

    This is an great post & thank you for sharing this with us. I like to see these more in-expesive, { $2. bucks... = awesome! }....but good quality polishes swatched so now I will be able to make a better choice whenever I find them.

    Thnak-you Mary ~ Keep up all your good work - your posts are pretty and informative...

    p.s. I am starting to use base coat & TC alot more than I used to!

  4. Nice swatches! Rosebud over Electric do give us a duochrome finish. It's cool!

  5. yeah! Pure Ice! Great pics and layering ideas, too. I only have a couple of the ones that you do, so I was glad to get to see what they looked like on.

    I also had the same luck in emailing Bari cosmetics, only I didn't get a single response, so count yourself as one of the lucky ones!

  6. really like the green 1

  7. I have to get myself to a Wal-mart! I really want to try some of these!

  8. These are nice looking. I have a quite a few of the Pure Ice brand. They're great for only being 2 bucks!

  9. Great swatches, looks really good for the price :)

  10. Vanessa totally beat me to it with what I was going to say! Great mids, great polish.

  11. *minds

    I have wet nails and can't type properly.

  12. Lucy~they're really fun polishes to have and they make a lot of great colors! I'm so happy you like my blog! All of you are so encouraging, it makes me enjoy it writing it even more.

    Vanessa~can't beat the price, that's for sure. I'm glad you like them!

    Deez~you can be sure not too many people saw my nails looking like this! I'm glad you like the swatches and hope they help you. Thanks so much for the praise, you all inspire me to do better. Yay for the base and top coat use :)

    Alexlyndra~it is way more duo chrome in real life, I wish I could've captured it better!

    Brooke~good, I'm glad you see some new ones you don't have. I think I have about a dozen more to share this week :)

    Nail Polish Junkie~it is pretty, it's got a foil finish to it!

    Kitty~they have quite a bit to choose from, I'm sure you'll find lots that you like :)

    Velvet~great fun for only $2.00. Show us some of yours!

    Clockwork~their quality is really quite good and they wear as well as many more expensive brands.

    Helen~glad you enjoyed them. We are all guilty of typing with wet nails, I'm sure :)

  13. Hey Mary,

    I love Pure Ice too =) last night just bought the Fast Lane, it's gorgeous!! Do you have it?

    Anyway, great swatch...thanks!

  14. Nanzy~I'm not sure if I have Fast Lane! I have about a dozen more I'm going to swatch and post later this week, so I'll find out :)

  15. These are very nice colors and I love the layering you did - both of them turned out beautiful and unique :-)

  16. Tuli~these are so great as layering polishes, glad you enjoyed them!