Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brand Focus: Pure Ice Polishes~Part II

Above: The beauty of Cheatin, layered over black. No words needed!
Below: L-R: Rio, Busted, Cheatin, Gold Mist, Taupe Drawer, Wild Thing.
Below: Thumb=Busted, Index=Busted over black, Middle=Cheatin, Ring=Cheatin over black, Pinky=Taupe Drawer.
Below: Rio on it's own and layered over black.
Below: Wild Thing, a nice vibrant lime green, but a bit difficult to apply.
Below: Gold Mist alone and layered over black.
Thinking I would do this in two parts, I now see it's going to be three! I'll be doing one more Pure Ice post later this week, as I still have 6 more to show you. I didn't realize I had quite this many. As I said in my earlier post, the best part about Pure Ice is their layering ability. Some of them are almost too sheer to wear on their own, but over a darker polish they can really work some magic. The cremes aren't bad, but some are better than others when it comes to the application. Taupe Drawer is my favorite one of the few cremes I own. It's a unique taupe/mauve color and it wears exceptionally well. Wild Thing is a bit goopy and although it wears well also, it doesn't give me as smooth of an appearance as Taupe Drawer. I would have to say the winner out of these six is definitely Cheatin. It doesn't stand on it's own very well, because it has a clear base and by the time you get enough coats on to have any pigmentation, it's quite thick and uneven. But layered in just one or two coats over a darker color, it transforms into a galaxy of color. I highly recommend this one if you're looking to add to your Pure Ice colors.


  1. I like the lime green and the Cheatin! I love how you do your swatches btw.

  2. "The beauty of Cheatin, layered over black. No words needed!" Oh; you're right on, Mary; that one is spectacular!!
    Gold Mist and Wild Thing are really cool colors as well - me likey ;)
    I can see I have to start experimenting with layering... #:)

  3. Oh my gosh - you have been busy! You need to find yourself a volunteer hand-model or assistant!♥

    All these posts of pure ice are making me want to jump in the truck to the nearest Walmart U.S.A ( 4 hours away )People are going to run to the store to clean out the nail polish shelves after these lovely swatches you have prepared for us.

    That 'cheatin' is beautiful, how did you to get that close-up? I am a huge fan of layering, I absolutely adore any-type of sparkly or flaky polish over a deep dark base.

    Thank you for your thorough-ness and all these swatches!

  4. I was surprised by how much I liked Taupe Drawer on me. It is sooooo not a typical "Brooke" color, but there was something that I just really liked about it.

    Gold Mist layered over black is nothing short of gorgeous!!

    And we still have a part 3 yet to come......goodie goodie gum drops - lol :)

  5. Cheating looks amazing on black! As fan of pink I just love Rio, very beautiful. And I like wild thing too. :D

  6. I love Wild Thing and Gold Mist, Wow that Gold Mist over black is amazing. I love these polishes that you have layered. A part three. Brooke is in heaven!

  7. omg that top pic is so cool :O

  8. I can't wait to get some of these! Thanks so much for showing these layered!

  9. Gold Mist and Cheatin over black are just win, that close up of Cheatin over the black...jaw drop!

  10. I love layering sheers over black! I was so happy so discover this phenomenon; I finally had a reason to OWN sheers!

  11. Chrissy~Cheatin is such a fun one to have. Glad you like my swatching, they're fun to do, but time consuming :)

    Vanessa~that's the fun thing about layering, you never know what you're going to end up with. Cheatin looks like it would be good in the bottle, but many others surprise me.

    Deez~I'm so happy you enjoyed the pics and information! I thought WalMarts were everywhere, what do I know? I hope you can get to one sometime soon :) The picture was just enlarged and then cropped. It started out as a regular picture of my entire hand. Hope that helps.

    Brooke~I love Taupe Drawer, too. Looks mauve in some lights, more dark taupe in others. I also liked the way Gold Mist layered. Yay! A part III in the works :)

    Alexlyndra~I think everyone's in agreement the Cheatin is a fantastic colors! Wild Thing is fun for summer.

    Lucy~Gold Mist looks good over other colors also. I'd tried it on a darker brown and also a dark blue, but never black. It's also nice by itself, but you need several good coats.

    Nail Polish Junkie~isn't that close-up amazing? All the pretty colors :)

    Kitty~I'll be curious to see which ones you get! It's great fun just playing with them when you've got some time.

    Clockwork~I think all of their more sheer ones are wins, but yes, definite 'jaw drop' when you see Cheatin close up or in the sun.

  12. The Asian Girl~all is not lost if you're not a sheer lover. Just layer them :)

  13. What a great colors ! I love this green and I love the combinations you did with the black and with Busted and Cheatin - that was a good idea :-)

  14. I love Busted! It's such a cool sheer/shimmer lilac. I also love the name. "Busted"! I think that's what I'll say to my kids. When they get in,"Busted"! Also I have Wild Thing too, and my son renamed it to "Puke"...ha,ha! Only a boy or a man would think of! I thought it was an interesting color!

  15. I love them all, I love them all :-D

  16. Cheatin and Wild Thing look awesome! Anywhere I see a Pure Ice display 3/4 of the colors are gone.

  17. Tuli~hello! The green is bright and great for summer, although I'm going to add some thinner, it's a bit thick :/ Layering is a fun experiment.

    Velvet~it's really pretty on it's own, just needs alot of coats. Wild Thing is a bit brighter than puke...ewwww!

    Kristine~welcome! I'm glad you like them, they're fun and cheap.

    Tiff~our display isn't much better, I just keep my eye on it when they restock and get some new ones sometimes.

  18. Mary, now I remember where I spied those Pure Ice swatches that made me stop by WalMart today! I got six - I'm DEFINITELY going back for more. I didn't spy that lime green, but I'm a sucker for it - I'll have to scout out for it again! Thank you for the series on Pure Ice.

  19. Nicole~I saw your post on your blog and I thought "uh-oh"! I hope you enjoy them, you got some great colors!