Friday, May 1, 2009

May Contest Prizes (OPI-DS)

Above: The goodies each winner will receive will all be in the little gift bag. They include 1 OPI DS polish, 1 box of Skittles, because who among us hasn't skittled our nails for the benefit of our readers, and a magnetic notepad for your refrigerator door. You can use it for your grocery list, your nail polish list, whatever you like At the top of the pad it says "Celebrate! It's a Good Life!!", and indeed it is. All prizes will be protected from shipping damage with a bag of cotton balls, something I'm sure we can always use. Click pics for detail.
Above: One of these polishes to each winner. With flash L-R: Exclusive, Passion, Glamour & Perfection. My camera picked up and intensified all of the shimmer a bit too much in the polishes and the goody bag I set them on.
Above and Below: Each winner will receive one of these OPI Designer Series polishes in their goody bag. L-R: Exclusive, Passion, Glamour and Perfection.
Below: This is the reason I was unable to do my nails today and likely tomorrow. His name is Gizmo and he's been with us 10 months, having come from our local Humane Society. He's got issues and he's no 'Dinky' like Brooke's good girl, that's for sure! He goes totally nuts when strangers are around and today the new lawn guy was over, so I was trying to hold him and control him (like that's possible) and he bit my left middle finger. Hard. I mean HARD! The bleeding has almost stopped, hours later, but it's all swollen. I put him on my lap and brought up the website of our Humane Society and asked him if he wanted to go back there. I wasn't serious of course, I love him to pieces. I have 2 German Shepherds also and this little guy tries to take them down. Like I said, he has issues.
Good evening, all! I've been feeling a bit under the weather today so I'm just now posting and catching up with all of your blogs. I mentioned yesterday about my contest for the month of May and wanted to let you know what I've come up with and hope you like it. Everyone seems to go crazy when the OPI Designer Series polishes are pictured on blogs, so I thought they may be a fun prize. Rather than give all 4 away to one follower I thought I'd do a drawing weekly, giving 4 people a chance to win. Pictured is the package I'm putting together for each winner. I'm just going to randomly select a bag for the winner rather than give you a choice of which color DS you want, simply because if you tell me you want a specific one and it was given away the week before your name was see my point. You can certainly ask me for one, but if it's already gone I will have to send you one of the others. Fair enough? So send me an e-mail with your name, e-mail address and 'Body & Soul May Contest' as the subject line and I'll randomly draw an entry name every Friday in May beginning May 8th. You must be a follower to participate. I hope you enjoy the contest because I love having them, in fact, I came up with some more great prize ideas for next month already!


  1. Mary I'm so sorry about your bite. I think you should see you doctor or go to the emeergency room. He broke the skin and your finger is swollen. You don't want to get an infection. Please be careful!

  2. Contest sounds like fun. I'm sorry too about the bite. We used to have a dog just like Gizmo. Only his name was "Rowdy". We ended up having to let him go. The kids were too small at the time. That's so kind of you guys to take Gizmo in. Hope your finger has a speedy recovery!

  3. Nice prizes!

    Toootally sucks how the dog bit you. That dog does sound like he has issues, but he is cute nonetheless! :D My dog has issues such that she is a snobby little thing.

  4. So sorry about Gizmo's bitting :( Agree with Lucy, go to emergency, it's more safe ;)

    I hope Gizmo will feel more confident with you soon ;)

  5. The prizes looks attracting! Oh my, it's so sad your dog bit you. If you have access to a dog psychiatrist or something (maybe the best of them all, Ceasar Milan ;P) you should try it out. It'll be so sad if you can't handle your dog. =/ I hope everything turns out the way you want!

  6. Sorry about the bite, hope you feel better :)

  7. Ouch.....that sounds really hurts. Sorry to hear that and hope you're feeling better :-)

    And those prizes looks awasome !

  8. Lucy~I'm taking good care of it and keeping my eye on it. Just mad that I can't do my nails!

    Velvet~the little dogs are worse than the big ones! Thanks for the well wishes.

    Chrissy~yes, he's cute as a bug, but that's about it! Glad you like the prizes :)

    Celine~he's not bad at all, except when stranger, particularly men come around.

    Alexlyndra~I have often thought that he is a bit neurotic, so a doggy psyciatrist would be in order!

    Clockwork~thank you :)

    Tuli~thanks, and good luck in the contest !

  9. Sorry so late on this, I too am playing catch up! My internet at home is temporarily unavailable as I am switching from a lap top wireless card to internet through my cable company. Anyway - the puppy is so sweet looking! Sorry to hear about his issues. I noticed the bandages in the the later posts that I read first and wondered what had happened. Hopefully he will get better!

  10. PS - Just wanted to let you know what a contest you are having! Your gifts are so well thought out! I would be entering but I am not a huge fan of the OPI's and I know lots of other gals so, so I would hate to take their chance away by me entering. But I didn't want you to think I was "snubbing" your contest :)

  11. **meant to say what a GREAT contest you are having!

  12. Brooke~Greta is very sweet. Gizmo, well, he's trying to be good! Glad you like the contest and I that's nice of you to step aside so others can win! Have you ever tried the DS's? I think you'd like them, but maybe not?

  13. Mary - yes I have tried the DS's. I have Extravagence. OPI's brushes are just to big for my fingers. The colors are nice, but I know there are some girls that go ga-ga over these, so I would hate it if I were to win over someone who would really want these :)


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