Monday, June 1, 2009

Body & Soul Code for 3 (not 2!) BB Couture Polishes, June's Contest & The Last of the Color Clubs

Above: Color Club's After Hours, a shimmery charcoal gray with silver shimmer.
Below: After Hours with a coat of Nailtek Foundation II to show you what it looks like in a matte finish. Lots of pictures, because I love the way it looks!

Below: Color Club's Slow Jam and mattified in the second picture. Excuse the mess, it's just a quick swatch to show you the colors and finishes!

Below: Color Club'sTru Passion, a medium purple mega-glitter with silver sparkly beauty!
Below: A close-up of the glitter.
Wow! I have alot to talk about today, so let's get started. The lovely and gracious Kim, who owns Overall Beauty has made me a great deal to pass on to my readers (you don't have to be a follower, just someone who reads my blog). She is having a terrific sale right now on BB Couture polishes, buy 2 get one free with a limit of 2 free. So you could buy a total of 4 polishes and choose 2 more free. But for my readers Kim says, "If they add to the comments section that they are your reader they can get up to three free.. 6 bottles of polish PLUS three more for free." The sale runs from June 1-June 6. Add the names of your free polishes in the comment box. If you're not familiar with her web store, she has tons of other great products including her own line of mineral makeup, various scrubs and bath products, and much more. Also, use the code 47KMMS and you'll save $5.00 on orders over $30.00. I have never tried these polishes so I'm excited to get my order. Or should I say orders, because I caved twice over the weekend! Let me tell you, Kim has got to be one of the sweetest and most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is very enthusiastic and funny, too. Her sale is in celebration of her birthday, which is tomorrow, so when you add your free polish choices in the comments box on your order page, make sure and wish her a Happy Birthday. Check out her blog, Thoughts of Beauty, for more information on her products.

Speaking of birthdays and BB Couture polish and matte finishes such as the ones I've been showing you the last couple of days in my Color Club posts...June is my birthday month also, and I wanted to make the prizes for Body & Soul's June contest a little extra special. I appreciate all of my readers and the friends I've made through my blog so if I'm going to have a celebration, I think you should be a part of it. Or at least 2 of you! I'll have 2 drawings this month and the prizes for each will be identical. I'll post a picture later this week when I receive all of the products, but here's what the prizes will include:

♦ 6-BB Couture polishes in:

Dragon's Breath
Laguna Lagoon
Frosty Meadow
Sea of Cortez
Midnight Malibu
Balboa Beach Bunny (which Kim helped create!)

♦ 1-full sized bottle of Nubar's V For Men mattifying top coat

♦ Some other fun goodies from my favorite home town candy store, and more

Please read the details on the simple entry process in the 'June Contest' box in the upper right hand corner if you're interested in entering.

This has got to be the longest post I've ever made! Lastly, I swatched a few more of the Color Clubs that readers requested and mattified a few just for fun. Again, I do not recommend using Nailtek Foundation II if you plan on wearing the color for any length of time. It doesn't usually dry well. I just used it to show you the look with that type of finish. I usually use Nubar's V, but it's more expensive, so for the purpose of showing you the look, I used my cheaper product.


  1. I love how you matted the polishes. They look so gorgeous. It's a shame the NailTek doesn't allow the polish to dry right. It would be nice to matte whatever color you wanted. I have Tru Passion and love it. Kim is the sweetest person! I've ordered from many times. I've gotten my orders ridiculously fast! I love BB polish with their gorgeous and crazy colors. My two favorite polishes are Grren Goblin and Poison Ivy. Kim sent me the Pink PomBerry Scrub and it's delicious! Makes your skin so soft and moisturized. Your giveaway is amazing!!!

  2. They look so cool with matte layered on top! Oh my...more polish sales! Just what I need! Like a hole in my! I just placed an order at Trans Design yesterday. I'm so tempted..I'll just go take a peek. That's!

  3. Matte polishes are so cool and I love the way After Hours looks matte, lovely!

  4. Oh these look absolutely perfected matted! Love it.

  5. OOo! I love the Matte finish! They look great!!

  6. Love all of these!!! The matte finish is just SOOO cool!!! :D

  7. Lucy~I am so happy with Kim and her store. I think I'm going to try some of her mineral makeup (even though I always make a mess with minerals!) and scrubs! Good luck in the contest...if you win you'll be able to matte everything with the Nubar "V".

    Velvet~My order from Kim came today and I've redone my nails 3 times. I said I was only going to do them once today, but the colors and formula are unbelievable, I keep wanting to try another one and another...!

    Alexlyndra~I know, I thought After Hours looked exceptionally cool :)

    Clockwork~it's so fun to matte them. Some look better than others, but After Hours was love at immediately :)

    Nail Fanatic~Isn't it great! Just something a bit different, but nice to change things up sometimes.

    Olivia~Thank you! I'm really enjoying playing around with the matte look.

  8. It's happened! I need a matte topcoat. Darn!
    I love your photos, they look great.

    I must set myself up a blogger account so I can follow and start entering people's contests! Great prize!

  9. Oh wow - that CC After Hours looks amazing with the matte Nail Teck. The slow jam is beautiful on its own & with the matte.

    I adore all the glitters I have seen swatched from Color Club & thank you soooo much for the trance inducing close-up.