Monday, May 4, 2009

Barielle Shades in Mysterious Review & Essie's Jello Contest

Above and Below: Barielle Shades in Mysterious. Pretty color, a pale lilac, but I wasn't happy with the formula.
Below: I tried to dress it up a bit with Nfu #51, but that too was a streaky mess and I ended up needing 3 coats. I wanted to be able to see some of the Mysterious underneath, but it was not meant to be!
Below: Click ad below to see the colors in the Jello/Essie contest. There's a link in my post if you're interested in entering to win 1 of 2 LE Essie polishes.
Today I'll share my thoughts on one of the Shades polishes I'm reviewing for Barielle. I was going to start with Lemondrops but after reading about the application problems one of my favorite bloggers had with it (Fifty-Two (52) Flavors), I think I'll wait a day or two before trying it! Well, I'm sorry to report that Mysterious wasn't much better. I had to use 3 coats, the last one quite heavy because I really didn't want to go for 4. It's a pretty color, a very light shade of lilac, but the streakiness of the application put me off enough that I really didn't care for it. The formula was quite thick, so that may have added to the problem. I've got a couple more to try, so maybe it's just this particular one that's going to give me problems. The Lemondrops looks very nice, as does this one, so I am a bit disappointed in the formula and similar problems we're having. I did receive an e-mail from Barielle letting me know that their UK site has launched, although they are not offering the Shades polish yet until they see what type of feedback they receive. If you're interested in ordering some of their other products, be sure to check it out and see if they offer delivery to your country. As soon as I hear from them about offering polishes on their UK site, I'll be sure to pass it along to you.

I thought I'd bling up my Mysterious manicure with an Nfu flaky polish, but that didn't quite give me the look I was going for. Nfu #51 looks a bit red in some light, purple in others when looking at the bottle. This flaky is much more densely packed with smaller flakies than any of the others I've tried. It's quite pretty, but really didn't work as a layering polish for me because I had to apply 3 coats before I could get rid of the streaks, cancelling out any hint of the base color underneath. It's still a rather stunning color, nonetheless.

Lastly, Essie has teamed up with Jello in their "Redhaute Flavors of Summer" contest, offering you a chance to win a Grand Prize of a summer's worth of manicures plus Jello gelatin to keep you cool during the summer. And 2,000 winners will received one of two Limited Edition Essie nail polish shades available only with this promotion, Strawberry Acai or Raspberry Goji. Use this link to enter. It states that you need a Jello UPC code, but you'll see a spot on the entry form to have one generated for you, so no purchase is necessary. I'm sorry the ad I posted above is so small, but click on it and you can better see the polishes. They look very pretty and I don't believe these will show up anywhere for purchase. I remember when Essie teamed up several months ago with Pama Liquor and sent out Essie Pama polish to whoever sent in their name and address. I received one and it's a beautiful color, also in the red family. I think these Jello polishes may be a bit harder to obtain, but it's worth a try!


  1. The fall/winter Barielles I own applied great! They were also shimmers, so that might be a huge factor.

  2. Those two Essie's look gorgeous. Shame about Mysterious's Formula. How'd your finger take the remover? Hope it feels better now.

  3. Too bad it ended up as a "mess". I understand how you feel, but it actually didn't turn out bad, even though it didn't turn out the way you planned. It looks pretty!

  4. I actually like the polish remover wipes from Barielle a lot better than I like the polishes. I didn't see the wipes on their website though. *shrug*

  5. I have like 13 of these polishes and I love them, they all applied really well for me. I don't have these two colors though. THANKS for the heads up on the Essie contest, very cool!

  6. Too bad about the Barielle polishes!!

    I want those Essies in the worst way! I am thinking of my entry for that contest!

  7. I like that Barielle Mysterious. It's so pretty on you! I've never had a Barielle polish before. Where can I get them besides online? I've heard about finding some at TJ Maxx... I think I saw thier topcoat there before.

  8. Too bad with the formula, it's such a pretty color, but you did a great job anyway! I really like the "blinged up" version ;)

  9. The Asian Girl~I have a few shimmers and they have always worked great for me. I think it was the formula.

    Clockwork~I'd love those Essie's, they are stunning! I kept the remover off the wound and used a Q-tip to clean that nail!

    Pretty Brown Girl~well that's too bad you can't locate the wipes. They looked like they did a great job from you pictures.

    Kitty~I'm glad you like their polishes. I have liked the ones I had previously, this one was just too thick. Good luck with winning the Essie polish :)

    Brooke~I sent in my entry. I love those colors, so pretty!

    Adorepink~welcome! I've heard you can get them at CVS if you have those around you.

    Vanessa~those Nfu's have a way of making everything better, even though this one needed a few more coats than they usually do.

    Alexlyndra~yes, I do like the end result, just not the process in getting there! I tried to check your blog today but couldn't access it. I'll try later.