Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer Nail Polish Trends

Above: Some of the colors that I'll be wearing this summer. I thought the nail decals would be cute to dress up some of my more neutral looks. Top left: Misa Speed of Life, Top right: Revlon Tropical Temptation, Center: a collection of some of the colors for my summer wearing pleasure, Bottom left: nail decals from Rite-Aid, Bottom right: China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. (click pic for close-up).

I've read a number of articles lately discussing what color trends are 'in' this summer and if you put any faith in these articles, the trend seems to be predominantly bright colors, although some articles defy this. A blurb in the May issue of Glamour stated that OPI Conga-Line Coral, a sheer, shimmery muted coral shade is "A great bright shade, and more wearable than last summer's trendy neons." Well, don't tell that to some of the other manufacturers, who have come out with some bright neon collections for this this summer. Several articles make mention of 'bright, jewel-toned' colors (think China Glaze Summer Days, among others), while many of the ads in these publications show something very different. Cole Haan, Versace and Michael Kors show their models with very pale pink and off-white shades of polish in some of their Spring/Summer clothing and accessory ads, while Coach and Dooney & Bourke ads show their models with subtle chartreuse and pinkish-tan shades. There are little to no bright colors in the majority of print ads I've seen in this month's major publications. Take a look at many of the collections offered by the larger nail polish manufacturers and you'll see alot of brights, but also some more neutral and earth-tone shades withing their collections. One of the e-tailers, 8ty8beauty, has a fairly good representation on their home page, if you haven't seen some of them. So this leads us back to the question, just what are the trends for summer? In my opinion, the trends are what they have always been: some bright summer colors in all finishes, along with more neutral colors, pastels with a pop of brightness, along with natural nails finished with just a shiny clear coat. I tend to gravitate toward colors that tie in with my summer memories, having grown up along the shores of Lake Michigan. My summers were spent lounging in the sun, the air lightly scented with Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil, watching the beautiful sunsets over the lake, picking and enjoying the delicious fruits that living in the fruit belt offered us, and so on. Those colors are colors that remind me of the water, the sand, the sun, the fruit...that's right, a bit of everything. Corals and yellows for the sunsets, turquoise and blues for the water, neutral tones for the sand, pale peaches for the luscious fruit we grow here, greens because they remind me of the smell of fresh mown grass, and the list goes on and on. I say the trends are what you want them to be. Wear what makes you feel happy and pretty and don't put too much effort into trying to follow what the media tells you, be it nail polish or any other fashion. My niece called me from Texas yesterday and was very excited to have found the Summer Days at her Sally Beauty Supply. I asked if she picked up the Watermelon Rind, because that to me, is one of the great summer colors of 2009, and I was pleased to hear that she had! So my advice is to set your own trend and don't question weather it's what everyone else is wearing this season. Certainly pick up some of the new colors because you can never have too many polishes~bring on the Summer!


  1. Great choices for summer. What's up with this arctic blast of cold air coming again?! I'm so ready to get past the cold!

  2. I have China Glaze-Turned Up Turquoise. I LOVE IT!

  3. Velvet~it's always fun to start wearing the summer colors. Brrrr, I'm sick of this cold spell!

    Olivia~it's a great color, all year long :)

  4. We had a nice day here in NJ. I hope the cold weather doesn't come back again. I waiting to wear lighter weight clothing. Nice colors you have picked out for the summer. You mentioned my favorite fruit peaches. We here in the Garden State are known for our peaches. I hope we have a good crop this year. I want to try Orly's peach nail polish. It looks like a pretty shade.

  5. Lucy~I love peaches and I generally dislike fruit! I've not seen Orly's peach but I'm always looking for new ones. I find so many pretty peach colors, but they're either really sheer or streaky.


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