Monday, April 20, 2009

Sinful Dream On #113 Neon~I'm Re-naming it Streak On #666

Above: Sinful's Dream On #113, five coats later and with a topcoat because it's very flat/matte.
Below: Before applying the topcoat. It looks like a satin finish in the picture from the flash but is much flatter and duller in real life without a top coat.
A few days ago I posted about a mini-haul I made in order to get some of the Revlon scented polishes. I also picked up one of the new Sinful Neons and am thankful I chose only one. It was a small display, separate from the main Sinful's that Walgreen's carries and I believe it was the Neon Summer '09 collection. There were 7 or 8 polishes in all and I debated about getting more than one because the colors in the bottles were bright and looked ideal for summer. I used Orly Ridgefiller as my base coat thinking it might help with the application. I don't think anything will help this polish! The first coat was hideous...streaky, uneven, you name it. The second coat wasn't much better as I could still see my bare nail in spots. I then waited for the second coat to dry and 'touched up' the bare spots. Not once, but twice I did this. I applied a third coat and by the time the fourth coat was dry I had to 'touch up' a few spots again and then apply the fifth and final coat. The color is a bright, fuchsia-purple shade and is true to the bottle color, after 5 coats. It dries flat or matte but shined up nicely with a top coat. The price was only $1.99 but in my opinion it is not worth anything because it's ridiculous to have to apply 5 coats from a time limit standpoint, not to mention the fact that it never really dried enough to actually wear it. I usually have no problem with Sinful's other than that some of them are very sheer, but I use those as layering polishes with great success. Save yourself some aggravation and steer clear of this one. Dream On~ha, ha~this was a nightmare!


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one! The same exact thing happened to me!

  2. Five coats?! That's totally not worth it, especially not this colour, in my oppinion. I like the colour but it's not worth the money, even though it's quite cheap.

  3. Ooooh! That's awful! I've come very close on several occasions to buying this sinful polish. I'm grateful for the review. I'll steer clear of this one!

  4. What a shame. It's such a pretty color on you. Darn! Glad you let us know. I hate having to use multiple layers of polish. I don't do it.

  5. LOL, 666 - the number of the Devil... :D I guess it will have to be pretty bad then...
    It's a shame, it's such a great, bright summer color... The result is gorgeous despite of the application problems; nice job, Mary! :)

  6. That's too bad :( I love the results you got though. I ALMOST picked it up the other day, too. lol

  7. Nessa~you had me curious when you posted asking me about the streakiness, so I had to try it out. You were soooooooo right!

    Alexlyndra~yes, crazy huh. 5 coats is about 2-3 too many for me.

    Velvet~save your money. Not a wise investment, this polish.

    Lucy~I know, it is a pretty color so I was hoping for good results.

    Vanessa~this polish was the Devil! It turned out nice, very pretty, but never dried :/

    Olivia~good thing you didn't get it! I'm sure we can find something else close in color with better application.

  8. Hi Mary, I change the blog link to the correct one. I apologize about that.

  9. Ooooooh! I didn't know sinfuls had some neons out!! Of course I have been steering clear of walgreens since I'm still on my no-buy, but neons are my cryptonite, even after hearing you had application issues, I still want them ::::)))))