Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revlon Raspberry Rapture and Body & Soul's New Monthly Contest

Above: Raspberry Rapture, one of Revlon's scented polishes.
Above: To go along with the raspberry theme, look at the picture from an e-mail I received from Dairy Queen today. Yes, I'm a proud member of the Blizzard Fan Club. It's Raspberry Truffle, their May flavor of the month. The description was "rich truffle pieces with raspberry topping mixed into creamy vanilla DQ soft serve. One bite and you'll experience raspberry-drizzled cocoa-covered nirvana." I'm always up for a little nirvana so you can be sure I'll check this one out! But that's not can also get an entire cake of raspberry truffle!
Below: I added a Nailene BeDazzle nail decal.
I'm still trying out all of my Revlon scented polishes so today's NOTD is Raspberry Rapture. This is a bright cream that is more watermelon in color than raspberry, but is very pretty no matter what color it looks like! It applied very nicely in 2 coats and does have a faint raspberry scent. Unfortunately, the scent is all but lost when a top coat is applied. Maybe we could add a few drops of raspberry extract to the topcoat? This is a very eye-catching color and perfect for summer. Now that we're heading into May, I'd have to say that this collection is probably my favorite acquisition for the month of April. The colors were all very different and the scent factor just makes them fun. What were some of your favorite things you acquired in April?
Speaking of a new month, I'm going to make a bit of change to the 'Tip Jar' column and contest on your right. Last month I introduced the column and received over 100 e-mails from readers with beauty tips, which automatically entered them into a drawing. The prize was a complete set of the China Glaze Summer Days polishes. This month I only had 3 e-mail submissions. I'm very happy that my readership is growing, so I'm not sure why there were so few entries. At any rate, I'm going to continue to maintain the "Tip Jar' with tips that I come across and think you may be interested in, and also include other types of 'tips' such as discount codes, sales, and that type of thing. I'm going to introduce the Body & Soul Monthly Contest which will be located in the upper right hand corner. Every Friday during each month, beginning May 8th, I'll hold a random drawing for the prizes announced on the 1st of that month. RULES: Beginning May 1, all you need to do is e-mail me your name (address is optional, if you win I'll request it in an e-mail back to you), e-mail address and put 'Body & Soul May Contest' in the subject line. This contest is only open to followers of my blog. If you're a winner, you can only win once per month. All e-mails received will remain in the drawing pool for the entire month (unless you already won during the month) and you can enter up until the final Friday. I'll announce May's prizes tomorrow along with a picture.


  1. Hi Mary! I love the whole collection. Pretty colors and great application. I hadn't worn Revlon polish in years. I forgot how nicely they applied.

  2. Your posts are so fun to read ! And this color is very beautiful and really seems like an eye - catching one ! I also love this cute decal :-)

  3. I agree with Tuli; love reading your posts, they're very interesting and informative!
    I love the color, so summery, and the ice cream looks delicious, mmmm ;)

  4. Raspberry Rapture is so pretty, looks great with the decal as well!

  5. This color looks great !

    Well done, I'm hungry now 'cause of your Blizzard pix ! =)

  6. Lucy~I'm glad you're enjoying yours! Revlon's are great polishes, so many colors.

    Tuli~aw, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy reading my posts.

    Vanessa~thank you, too! I certainly enjoy your's, Tuli's and others. I can't wait to try that Blizzard treat :)

    Clockwork~RR is much prettier than I imagined. It applied so nice. I like decals every now and then and I'm too lazy most of the time to Konad!

    Celine~thanks! I may check out the Blizzard tomorrow.

  7. This one is pretty on your nails. I thought the same thing about "watermelon" color. Pretty all the same!

  8. omg neva seen them b4 sounds well cool the fact it has a rasberry smell to it :) xxx