Sunday, April 19, 2009

Revlon Not So Blue-berry~Smell This!!!

Above: I think I found the perfect prop for this polish!

Above: Put your nose up to the monitor and smell the blueberry scent. If your computer does not have this function please click on the picture for a more detailed look.
Below: Bonus pic of one of my 5 fur babies (3 dogs, 2 cats), this is my male Persian. His real name is Matsu, but we call him Stewie. Do you see the resemblance? He acts like Stewie Griffin, which is frightening at times!

I never should have bought these Revlon scented polishes...they're way too entertaining for me! I posted about Coconut Crush yesterday, but move aside Coco because I found my thrill on Blue-berry Hill. This one smells just like a blueberry pop tart or a blueberry muffin. I love blueberries...pies, cobbler, first entry as a young child in our local 4-H fair was a blueberry pie. We live very nearby the self-proclaimed blueberry capital of the world, South Haven, Michigan, where they host the Annual Blueberry Festival every summer. This was the polish I wanted most from this collection, for obvious reasons. I wish you could scratch and sniff on your computer monitors because it smells divine. This one applied wonderfully in 2 coats and the color, although a bit violet blue in the bottle, is a more of a medium denim blue in reality. It has a lot of teeny, tiny multi-colored sparkles suspended in the polish which are subtle, yet evident once applied. They appear as silver and blue sparkles on the nail, even though they look multi-colored in the bottle. I still have 2 more to try (Mad About Mango and Raspberry Rapture), but they're going to have a hard time living up to this one! Heavenly scent, gorgeous color, endless entertainment~what else can you spend $3.49 on and have this much fun
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  1. Hi Mary! We are known as the garden state and are also know for out blueberries. I love them also. I like to load them in my cereal. Pretty color and looks pretty on you. I must look for this one especially.

  2. Your persian is gorgeous! Really liking the look of these scented Revlons, hopefully someplace will stock them round here.

  3. That's so cool! The closes I've got to a polish smelling good is my topcoat Dry&Shine that smells like lemon, but only when it's dry.

  4. I love blue berries too! This color looks fantastic! I went on the hunt for this polish and was so excited when I found it!! I haven't tried it yet and was wondering how the color would look. Sooo pretty on you!

  5. Have you tried eating food with it on? It will really confuse your brain, lol

  6. oh I forgot to tell you what my little nail polish monster picked It was Pretty in Papaya and Raspberry Rapture.

  7. Lucy~another blueberry lover! Hope you find one.

    Clockwork~Stewie thanks you for the compliment. Keep your eyes open, they'll turn up :)

    Alexlyndra~I love lemons! I've never seen that top coat.

    Velvet~looking forward to seeing yours on you! And the Papaya one your daughter picked out, I didn't get that one, as they were out of it.

    The Asian Girl~hahaha! I know, I actually did eat with it on and it totally confused me!