Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review: Barielle Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer & Nail Strengthener Cream

Above: Naked nails! After using the Cuticle Minimizer and Nail Strengthening Cream.

Last week I posted about how Barielle was kind enough to send me some wonderful products in exchange for a review on them. I began using them on April 23, starting with the Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer and the Nail Strengthener Cream. I normally use Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover once or twice a week and have been satisfied with the results. Barielle's product is similar, in that you apply a line of product around your nail's edge at the skin and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. I always leave the Sally Hansen on for longer than the directions say, so I left this one on for about 5-6 minutes. Barielle's comes with an orange stick and they recommend pushing the cuticle back after the allotted application time. I actually use a damp wash cloth to push mine back with, so that's what I did. I'm not just saying this because I feel like I have to, but I was impressed. I want to give an honest review for your sake, so if I find a flaw during my usage, I will be sure and mention it. With the Sally Hansen I normally have to go over my nails a couple of times to clean the cuticle off, but with this product, it was all off in the first swipe. The product itself is a thin liquid gel, with little to no scent. I used a bit less than my usual product, simply because the applicator has a smaller opening, but obviously it was enough to get the job done. The box states that it is moisturizing, which I always appreciate, and that it can be used daily, although this is day 3 since I last used it and my cuticles still look great. This is priced at $10.00 for a .5 oz. tube.

After washing off the cuticle remover with soap and water, rubbing my cuticles clean, then rinsing again, I applied a small amount of the Nail Strengthener Cream to each nail and massaged it in on and around the nail. What impressed me about this product was how shiny it made my nails and how soft it made my skin. I rinsed the dishes, loaded the dishwasher, wiped the counters, washed my hands, and my nails were still shiny and my skin was soft. This product was originally developed to condition the hooves of racehorses. The box states that the 'formula helps nails grow healthier and stronger while resisting splits, peels and breaks.' My nails are strong and luckily I don't have problems with splitting and breaking for the most part, so I'm using this in place of my usual product, which is Creative Nail Design's Cuticle Eraser. It states that it can be used several times a day, so as I do with CND, I'm applying it in the morning and evening. I realize that this lacks the AHA exfoliant that CND has, but it seems to be working fine, as far as the appearance of my nails goes. This is a white lotion, rather thick, also with little to no scent. It is fine to use over polish, in fact it seems to enhance and freshen the look. Glycerin, lanolin and protein are some of the ingredients found in this product. This also is priced at $10.00 for a .5 oz. tube.

I will continue to use these during the upcoming week and report my thoughts and results to you as to how they're working for me, but so far, so good. I am happy that my cuticles look as good today as they did 3 nights ago when I used the Cuticle Minimizer. I am equally happy with the results I'm getting from the Strengthener Cream, finding my nails still shiny every time I have removed my polish, which is something I do daily. I've also been using the Nail Rebuilding Protein and the Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender since last Thursday and will be reviewing them in the next day or two. My final post for these products will be later in the week when I do a 'Brand Focus' and share some of their Shades polish colors with you.


  1. That was so nice of them, sending you their products for a review. :) How did you get them to do that? Lol.

    Sounds really impressive, from what I've heard...but I doubt Barielle would be available here. Sally Hansen is, but only very limited products. This sounds good to me because even if I spend $10 I'd be able to use it for so long, as opposed to if I spent my money on manicures... $10 would only be five mani's.

  2. Thank you for your detailed review ! it's good to hear about another nails products once in a while, especially if they make your nails look better :-)

  3. fantastic review, I might need to give these particular products a go. When the weather changes my nails turn into split heaven. :/

  4. Chrissy~I don't know how I did that, but I was excited about it! Check their website and see if they have a supplier in your area.

    Tuli~You're welcome. So far I'm very happy with the results :)

    Clockwork~I'm happy to review things for you. I think they'd probably help your nails out, as Barielle seems to be really focused on repairing nails and making them healthier.

  5. Great review. Glad to hear that you liked these products too. I have been impressed with my results with Barielle. At first I thought the prices were a little steep, but with the results I have gotten and the amount of product needed, I could see purchasing these products when mine run out.

  6. Brooke~I agree with you about the price, but yes, using less product and better results are worth the extra money.