Saturday, April 4, 2009

Product Review: Redken Wool Shake

Above: Redken Wool Shake. Below: The transforming ability on my thin, fine hair! See my profile picture in the box on the right for my 'normal, everyday' style.

I hope this finds everyone enjoying their Saturday and getting a bit of rest and relaxation! Speaking of rest, I'm giving my nails a break today and letting them enjoy their nakedness. They work hard all week for me, so it was the least I could do for them. Instead, I'll be doing an in-depth product review on something still beauty related, but this product is for our hair. I have quite a collection of hair products and am always looking for 'the one.' While this is not 'the one', it is definitely a unique and different product and very fun to play with. Not only do you get a hair product for your money, but for me, it's also an entertaining product. Redken's Wool Shake is from their Urban Experiment Line, a line of hair texturizers and styling products. Wool Shake is promoted as a gel slush that unleashes volume with unrefined texture and a wool-like top coat. And I must admit, it does indeed, do just that. My hair, if you look at my profile picture, is fairly straight with just a hint of wave. I flat iron it simply because that hint of wave has no pattern to it. It's a bit wavy in some areas and straight in others. It's also extremely fine and to be honest, it's on the thin side, which causes me great styling turmoil! The hold is a level 8, which in Redken's terms means medium control. The directions read: shake up this cotton-infused gel-slush to liquefy. Spray on dry hair to unleash wild texture with an unrefined, wool-like top coat. It is in a pump spray bottle and the 3.4 oz. product sells for around $20.00. It's a solid-to-liquid gel and the texture in the bottle before shaking it is rather like jello, just a bit thinner. The shaking motion transforms it into a much thinner liquid which then sprays out lightly and easily. It's a faded persimmon color...very strange stuff! You can also spray it on damp hair and scrunch, but I personally get more volume using it on dry hair. You can add more than one layer for additional texture and volume, waiting about 30 seconds between applications. It easily gives my hair a messed up (in a good way!) and tousled look, something quite different from the way I normally style it. This is a very good product that lives up to it's marketing. If there's anything I don't like about it, I'd have to say that it does leave your hair a bit stiff. It doesn't look stiff, but it is to the touch. I love the smell, but it may be a bit too strong for some. Although it's not something I use more than once or twice a month, it's a product that gives my hair a totally different look without taking too much time or effort.


  1. Cool!! That is a huge difference! Your hair looks so soft and wavy!

  2. Velvet~this product definitely makes a difference, thanks!