Friday, April 10, 2009

OPI for Sephora's Mermaid In The Shade Collection Will Soon Be Mine!

Today finds me cleaning the house in preparation for company on Easter Sunday, so I saw no point in changing my manicure. I'm still sporting OPI DS Extravagance, albeit a bit more beat up now than in my picture from yesterday's post. Scrubbing floors by hand will do that to even the best polishes! And try doing that with 5 curious dogs...I'm babysitting my brother and sister in-laws 2 Golden Retrievers along with my own 3 dogs (2 German Shepherds and 1 Shih Tsu) while they are on their Spring Break. I enjoy them all, though feeding time gets a bit overwhelming. I did find the time to sit down and have a look online at Sephora's new Limited Edition Sephora by OPI polishes and loved what I saw. Gray walls with teal and purple accents are the colors I'm considering when we re-do our bathroom, so I had to have this collection! The name of the collection is Mermaid in the Shade and the colors and descriptions can be found at Sephora online (the first six on this page). The picture above from Sephora's website shows only 5 colors, but there are 6. I also found a code (PHL31) for Philosophy's 5 piece Miracle Worker Skin Care set so I added that along with the usual 3 free samples. It said '$64 value' on my order, but I don't know about that! I've had a JC Penney gift card that I got from cashing in some of my bank card points, so I put that to use as well and got all 6 of the new polishes. I only spent about $7.00 for the difference, so I couldn't pass that up! Shipping is free over $50.00 and while looking for codes I came across another one for free shipping over $25.00 if anyone's interested. Use 3SJ9HQ (found on and according to the information, it's good until 7/31/09. I'll share my swatches and thoughts on the Mermaid collection with my readers as soon as I receive them, hopefully sometime next week.


  1. Are you doing a Cinderella impersonation by scrubbing the floors by hand?? lol

    Have a good Easter with your company!

  2. I had to scrub floors when I was younger. No wonder my knees are shot now! Plus your watching dogs! Don't make yourself so exhausted you can't enjoy the holiday. Can't wait to see your swatches. Pretty colors. Have a Happy Easter!

  3. Brooke~ha-ha, yes, that's what I was going for! You have a good Easter too.

    Lucy~Yes, I think I'll be glad when it's all over! But I have my Mermaid polish coming so I'll be looking forward to that :) Have a great Easter!