Thursday, April 23, 2009

NOTD: Revlon's No Shrinking Violet

Above: Indoors, with flash. Below: Outdoors, full sun, no flash.
This is a new color from Revlon that I picked up while tracking down their scented polishes. It reminds my of a frosted grape or Grape Crush soda. Our region is known for it's grape vineyards and small, but award-winning wineries. There's nothing like the smell of ripe grapes on the vine in September/October with the smudge pots burning to keep the frost at bay! The formula seemed a bit thick, but applied nicely. I was concerned about the brush strokes I was seeing, but they disappeared during the drying process. Two coats was all it took. Many polishes look better outdoors in the sunlight, but this is one that seems prettier and more enhanced indoors, as you can see in the pictures. I've always been impressed by Revlon's polishes and I'd have to say, I think they're probably my favorite drug store brand. They come out with new collections monthly it seems, and their color range is terrific. This is a shimmer finish and I could swear I saw the tiniest flake of red glitter every now and again while applying it, although I see no evidence of that now. I'm very happy with the finished look and if you like it, remember, they're on sale at Walgreen's this week, buy one get one free.


  1. I wish Revlon's bottles were different. something about the bottle shape I just don't like, I do like their polish though. I have one really sparlkly red that's called Frankly Scarlet, the bottle is almost empty that's how much I really liked that color. I wonder if they still make it?

  2. What a fantastic color, and beautiful jewellery, really compliments the shade of the stones.

  3. I LOVE that first pic; you get an A in displaying :) Gorgeous polish as well, so juicy, one can almost taste the grapes... :)

  4. I bought this color! While out hunting for the scented! I haven't tried it out. It's so pretty on you. I like the necklace with polish. It made me think of "medieval times". Very rich deep purple.(polish and stones)

  5. I'll be off to the closest Revlon counter to look for this color soon. >.> You make me want itttt!

  6. Love the jewelry and the polish! Looks very pretty on you. Very royal Queen Mary! My girlfriend found all the scented polishes and the whole Tracy Reese collection for me at Walgreens! I was so excited. I put on the Mon Cherry that night. Love the color and the polish goes on so nicely. Faint smell of cherry like a lifesaver.

  7. Wow, it's beautiful! I have to ask you how much a bottle of Revlon polishes costs in the states?

  8. Brooke~I've not heard of Frankly Scarlet (love the name though!), but it sounds pretty. I'm ok with the Revlon bottles...unlike the Nicole bottles :)
    Clockwork~thank you! I thought the necklace was a great prop!
    Vanessa~thank you for the 'A' grade! It is a lovely color and looks almost edible!
    Velvet~I thought you may have picked it up when you were getting your scented ones. Good choice.
    Chrissy~I hope you can find it. It's a nice shade to have around :)
    Lucy~thank you! I just need a tiara to wear and I'll feel more like a queen. The jewelry was a gift from my sister when I was in her wedding many years ago. The jacket to our dresses had lovely olives, golds and purples so this necklace went great with them. I am so happy for that your friend found all of those polishes for you! Enjoy~
    Alexlyndra~Revlon's run about $4.50 and right now they're buy one get one free on sale, so that's a great deal. Can you get Revlon's over there? I'm thinking yes?

  9. Oh, okay. Yes we can, but much more expensive, I think. If I'm not wrong it'll be $10.00 at least for one bottle here, if not even more. (We don't use dollar of course but it's the easiest way to explain.) Polishes here are very expensive. Not all of the of course.. OPI polishes cost like $19.00. I'm very pleased that internetstores from the US (and more) send internationall. ;P


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