Saturday, April 18, 2009

NOTD: Revlon Coconut Crush Scented Polish and Revlon Mini Haul

Above: Revlon's scented polish in Coconut Crush.
Below: My Walgreen's mini-haul L-R: Sinful Dream On from their new neon display, Revlon's Coconut Crush, Mad About Mango, Raspberry Rapture, Not So Blue-berry (these 4 are all scented) and No Shrinking Violet (not from the scented collection).
I stopped at one of the 4 Walgreen's within 5 miles (yes, 4, and I live in a small town!) of my house yesterday hoping to find the scented polishes and they had them. I picked up 4 of them and a couple of other polishes. I tried on Coconut Crush this morning and now I can't stop smelling my nails! They don't smell strongly of coconut, but they certainly smell yummy. I would describe it as more of a clean, perfumed scent with a hint of coconut. The color is an off-white frost with a pearlescent finish. It sometimes appears as a light silver-white color in darker lighting. I found some $1.00 off Revlon color product coupons a few weeks ago in those Sunday newspaper coupon inserts, so after collecting 4 of those from friends and neighbors, my price was $3.79 each. I wanted to wait until they had a BOGO or something, but these polishes seem to be going quick, so I thought I'd better get some while I could. I feel like Robert in the TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, the way he has that odd quirk of touching his food to his mouth before he eats it, only I keep putting my nails up to my nose! The polish smells pretty much like any polish until it dries, and then the scent is evident. These are fun polishes to have with a nice selection of colors. I believe there are about 7 in the collection. So now my nails not only have color, they also have smell. Such a deal :)


  1. Mary that is too funny about acting like Robert. I can just picture it. Just don't do it out of your house! Nice polishes. I love the Revlon polish No Shrinking Violet. That would have been nice if that had a scent.

  2. After I read this post. I had to go out and look for these polishes. I'm now back to comment on it. I have only 2 walgreens near my small town. One of them had a few of these revlons left. I had Summer with me...which made it harder to pick a couple of colors lol! She kept wanting the opposite of what I wanted. We share a lot of nail! We ended up with just 2 colors out of the collection and they were colors she! I've created a little nail polish monster,ha,ha,ha!! Next time,I'll leave her at home with!

  3. Great haul you have there, Mary :)
    I like that Coconut Crush polish, and the fact that it's scented makes it even more intriguing... I wonder if those will be available here in Sweden? Probably not, but you never know; I'll look out for them.
    I love "Everybody Loves Raymond"!! So funny :D
    Is that Sinful the #80 "Dream On"?

  4. Lucy~oooh, No Shrinking Violet would smell great! I was in the drive-thru at DQ earlier sniffing away. Hope no one noticed!

    Velvet~glad I could enable you and I hope you enjoy them! It's hard shopping with other people, I agree. Which ones did you, er I mean your daughter (!!!) choose?

    Vanessa~hopefully they'll come your way! They've been out over a month and this is the first time I've seen them. The number on the Sinful is 113. May be a re-promote?

  5. I haven't had any luck finding these, but am keeping an eye out! Definitely would like the coconut scented one. :)

  6. Those are so cool and I like anything coconut... so I think I "need" this one. :) Looks very pretty on you too. I like the finish. :)

  7. Clockwork~I'd been looking for several weeks and almost given up. I hope you find them!

    Olivia~I think you 'need' it, too! Thanks :)

  8. Bah - how much you wanna bet they never release these in Oz. We can't have nice things! :)
    Love the new blog look - very elegant!

  9. Nixxy~I know what you mean. I see polishes in other countries and wish we had easier access to them.

  10. I'm curious to see how you like Dream On. I used it and it was very streaky and dried matte. Let me know!


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