Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NOTD: OPI Give Me The Moon & Some Coupon Codes

Above: It's difficult to capture the changing phases of OPI's Give Me The Moon. I used different background colors with a flash and the lower right picture is no flash in the sun. Click picture for enlargement.

I have always had a fascination with the beauty and power of the moon. I find moon lore, for lack of a better term, to be interesting and more times than not, quite true. I love to watch the changing moon in the night sky, and seem to have a love for many moon-related things. The book "Goodnight, Moon" is a favorite of mine from way back, Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon" is one of my favorite old-time classic tunes, Blue Moon ice cream is my favorite flavor, Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" bring back alot of college memories (which I don't think would be wise to share with you!), and of course, any nail polish I find with the word "moon" in it, I have add to my collection. OPI's Give Me The Moon from their 2007 Night Brights collection is one of my favorite moon-named polishes. Just as the moon changes it's appearance through the month and the seasons, this polish changes it's appearance depending on many factors. In the bottle it looks like a stone gray polish. Upon closer inspection you'll notice a hint of light blue irredescent, opal-like shimmer. Once applied (unfortunately, 3 coats minimum), it changes into a silvery lilac-blue. Different lighting and angles can cause it to be more blue, lavender, silver or gray. I like to call it a moonwashed periwinkle when describing the color. Here are the names of the other 'moon' polishes that I am aware of: Mary Kay's Lavender Moon, OPI's Moon Over Mumbai and Blue Moon Lagoon, Essie's Moonstruck, Lippmann's Dark Side of the Moon and Orly's Moonshadow. If you know of others, let me know, as I'd love to add them to my moon polish collection!

COUPON CODES: Here are some coupon codes you might find useful! the code NATURAL for 20% off SpaRitual brand nail polish. Free shipping over $49.00. Ends Monday, April 20, 2009. & Family discount using code FNFS9 for a 30% discount sitewide. Expires April 17, 2009.

Don't forget about the 20% off and free shipping over $20.00 using codes from Brooke, Nessa and Pixie on their blog sites from OC Nail Art for all of your Konad supplies!


  1. lol - a moon polish collection :)

    I could really see the blue tints of this polish in the first pic, very cool color.

  2. Out of the ones you have named, I have Blue Moon Lagoon. I haven't tried it yet, I got it for the holo-ness of it.
    Thanks for mentioning me, you're a doll :)

  3. There's the big one - ChG's Moonpool; a royal blue Cover Girl crackle polish - Blue Moon; and from The Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Fall '08 line Moonstone (silvery.)

  4. I had no idea how lovely this color was. Up until this point. I had no interest in this opi. My mind has changed now! Great! Another polish to add to the ever growing!

  5. Brooke~are you laughing at my moon polish? Ha-ha, it is a bit strange, I admit :)

    Nessa~Blue Moon Lagoon is holo-goodness, for sure! Your welcome for the mention :)

    Rachel~don't taunt me with Moonpool, I don't have it :/ Thanks for the others, maybe I can find them easier the Moonpool!

    Velvet~how long is your list getting to be these days?!!!