Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NOTD: NYC In A New York Color Minute in Wall Street

Thursdays are usually my busiest day, so all I have to offer you is my NOTD. I have several appointments today so I thought I'd better keep my polish conservative! These are the fairly new Quick Dry nail polishes from NYC Color. The entire name is "NYC New York Color in a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish." Dude. That is a long brand name! This color is called Wall Street and there are 24 colors in this collection, all having names reflecting New York City landmarks, streets, neighborhoods, and so on. There's a vast color range in this line including a bright teal, reds and burgundies, a dark navy blue, a frosty off white and many others. And it really does dry in a New York Minute! It's got good coverage in the application, 2 coats and it looks very presentable. This color is a bubble gum pink, a bit darker than say, a cotton candy pink, with shimmer and very tiny, tiny silvery sparkles. I bought a number of these at Target several months back at $1.99 each. Keep in mind though, the bottle is small, only 0.33 fl. oz., as compared to the 0.5 size you'd find Essie's, OPI's and China Glazes to be. Not a bad deal for the price, as the wear on these has been very long lasting, although the colors and finishes are nothing truly unique.


  1. I have a few of these polishes but haven't tried them yet. I thought so too,about the price! True, colors and finishes are not very unique. But...still very pretty looking!

  2. I haven't any of these polishes. Was Carolyn NY the first with NY landmarks, etc.? Did NYC polish have NY themes before? Just wondering.

  3. Mary I just wanted to thank you again. I am so excited about winning all that polish. My favorite type glittery! I don't know why it took me so long to send in my tip. It was really staring me in the face. It is really sweet of you to be giving such nice prizes. Thank you.

  4. I saw these a while back and now I really want to try them. I thought I had seen a really dark purple that I loved. I'm crazy about purples. lol

  5. Velvet~the application and fast drying time are definitely a plus, even though the colors are so-so.

    Lucy~I'm not very familiar with Carolyn NY and I don't recall NYC ever having the landmarks in their name before. You are most welcome for being my prize winner and I'm glad you're excited :)

    Olivia~yes, there is a very dark purple and I think I have it, although it's still untried. I'm quite fond of purples, too!