Saturday, April 25, 2009

NOTD: Copper Gleam LE, Revlon

The weekend is here and I hope you're all able to relax and have some fun with it! Our weather has been beautiful, in the 80's yesterday (finally) and near that again today, so I suspect some yard work is in my plans. I don't have as much time on Saturdays to play with my nails (you know, paint, photograph, clean, repaint...) as I do other days of the week, so I thought it might be fun and informative to you if I started doing a little recap of my week as it relates to nails and cosmetics and at the same time, give you a little random sampling of what some of my favorite bloggers have been up to. I have really been inspired by, and grateful to so many of you, not only because of the information you provide, but especially how we all help each other out by the comments that are left and mentioning each other in our blogs. I love finding new blogs and I am so happy when a new blogger starts getting noticed. I keep adding myself as a follower to many of them, such that my reading list takes me quite a while to get through each day! I also try to update my blogroll two or three times a month, adding the new ones I've discovered and am following.

My week was fairly productive in the fact that I scored 11 polishes (Revlon regular polishes and Revlon Dark Pleasures) at Big Lots for $11.50, which if you ever saw my Big Lots, that's unusual! My husband was with me and he was very patient, even helping me dig through the mess of bins to find some of them. I live in a small town and the great polishes that everyone else finds at their Dollar Trees, Big lots, etc. never seem to make it our way, so I was thrilled to find what I found. My NOTD is from that little haul and I'll post the others next week. Things continued to improve when I won 4 Zoya polishes from the Casual Lavish Earth, Wind & Fire giveaway for Earth Day, sponsored by Art of Beauty. And then to cap it off, I received a very generous package of products to sample in return for reviewing them on my blog from Barielle. How was your week for finding some new things?

Some of the blogs I've enjoyed this week and why, include Brooke at Getcha Nails Did because she not only posts great pictures and specifics about her nail looks and related products, but she is a champion for providing links to new blogs for our viewing pleasure. She shared some great Konads with us this week, the fact that she fell off her 'no buy wagon' (I had to mention that!), and also posts pictures of her beloved Dinky, that always make me smile. Nessa's blog at Contests and Such informs us of a multitude of beauty product contests we can enter and she is very diligent about gathering as much information as she can on a daily basis. I entered a few myself, thanks to her posting them. She also posts information and photos about her NOTD's as well as product reviews. A new blog that I was recently made aware of is Little Fairy Nails. Celine is in France, but luckily for me, writes her posts in both English and French, which I appreciate. She shared some hauls and Frankens with us this week, as well as a NOTD using Rodeo Fanatic (one of my favorites). She updates her blog daily it seems, with great photographs of her nails and the products she uses.


  1. Copper Gleam is a gorgeous color. Looks lovely on you. I hadn't used Revlon nail polish in many years. I'd forgotten how nice it goes on. Thanks for all your postings.
    I check the nail blogs everyday. Sometimes twice if I get up early enough. I love reading all the wonderful comments. It is taking longer to get thru them all!

  2. Happy for your haul ! This revlon is very beautiful !!

    Thanks for mention my blog, I try to make least mistakes possible so that you can understand what I say lol

  3. That color is gorgeous! It's perfect for summer :).

  4. Lucy~thank you, I love how bright it is! I agree, it's taking me longer and longer to get through them, but so many great bloggers out there! Do you have one? I wouldn't want to miss it :)

    Celine~Thanks for the compliment and you're most welcome for the mention. Your blog is very easy for me to English! Sometimes I read it in French for fun, but have no idea what I'm saying or if I'm saying it right.

    Tiff~welcome! I'm glad you like the color. Now I'm off to check out your blog :)

  5. This is a pretty copper color. It looks good against your skin. I think it would even look great on me. It's so vibrant.

    I too received a generous package from the nice people at Barielle. I'll be making a post soon about it all. :)

  6. Beautiful copper polish! I really like the shimmer.
    We have nice weather here in Sweden too, and it's wonderful!

  7. Pretty Brown Girl~It is really vibrant and I think it would look great on your skintone! Looking forward to your Barielle reviews.

    Alexlyndra~glad you liked my NOTD and enjoy your warm weather :)