Monday, April 6, 2009

Nail Dots: Tools & A Great Tutorial (not mine, but a must see!)

Above: Misa A Sin Worth Committing base, Misa Green With Envy dots, bobby pin used as 'tool'.
Below: Revlon Chocolate Truffle base, China Glaze Rich & Famous dots, Sally dotting tool.

Below: China Glaze Secret Periwinkle base, OPI Tickle My Francey dots. Reversed on ring finger. End of a rat tail comb used as 'tool'. I did these one after another trying to find a tool that would perform for me, and of these, the rat tail comb worked the best and I love this color combination! I need more practice, but I enjoyed my first real dotting adventure! There's a great tutorial link at the end of my post which is a 'must see' for all dotters, novices and experienced ones alike.

Dotted nails are making the rounds (rounds...dots, get it?) and they're especially fun in the summer on your tips or toes. When I think of dots for dressing up a manicure, I think fun, bright colors, but try experimenting with several combinations and you'll find some looks you really love. There are several things you can use to make your dots, the dotting tool made specifically for this purpose is the most obvious. I got mine at Sally Beauty, but it's not my preferred tool. The one I have has such a small head/end that I have to add more and more polish to make it the size I want and in doing so, a mess or something that looks like a half-finished connect the dots drawing is usually what I end up with. Here are a few ideas for some unconventional 'tools' that work, some better than others: the end of a bobby pin or paperclip, a ballpoint pen that is out of ink, a knitting needle, a toothpick, or even a small nail. I want to get another actual dotting tool, but I want one with a small ball at the end, rather than a point. That design, in my opinion, would be the best for uniformity of the dots. Among the more conventional tools you could use, try a curette tool or an embossing stylus. The embossing stylus seems pretty close to what I have in mind and these can be found in many chain craft stores. Some beauty supplies offer 5 or more piece sets with different size heads, but I'd be satisfied with just one, if it was the right size. Please note: I have never ordered from Beauty West, the link with the 5 piece set. I just wanted to share a picture of what I was talking about. 8ty8beauty has a 3 piece set for $3.99 and I have always been very happy with them, if you are unable to find something locally. In the future I'd like to try a neon green with neon pink dots, a light gray creme with pale pink dots and a black base with silver and gold dots. I'd love to hear about some of your dotting experiences, colors you used, tools you used, did you find the process difficult or easy? I find it to be easier than a Konad, but again, the more you do it, the better you become at it. It's a bit of trial and error with regard to how much polish to put on the dotting tool and proper placement of the dots, but I promise you'll have fun playing with the idea if you haven't already tried it! To help you along, here's a great tutorial from Asami who has a wonderful polish blog. I've added her site (called 'My Manicure') to my blogroll and I hope you enjoy her talents as much as I do.


  1. I LOVE these color combos! They look really great!!! :)

  2. Asami is such a great teacher, isn't she? I had to do a dotted nail design after reading her dotting tutorial a couple of months back.

  3. Wowser! Love the color choices! I've never tried any of that! Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Ilike the new Spring look of your blog. I also love your three dotting examples. Very pretty. I havea dotting tool but I've never used it. You make me want to try.

  5. Dotting is very much worth trying, it is sooo much fun. I love those eastern eggs by the side of your blog pages :-)

  6. Olivia~thank you! I'm glad you like them.

    Brooke~yes, that's one of the best tutorials I've come across. Very helpful!

    Velvet~try it! I want to see Blingy Dots from you :)

    Lucy~I thought I'd dress the blog up for Easter, thanks! Give the dots a try, it's great fun.

    Amabile~dots are fun, for sure! Easter's coming, so I thought the eggs were cute.