Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Easter Manicure FAIL!

Above: Easter manicure fail. The purple seemed to only land on my cuticles, giving my hands a corpse-like appearance. But isn't the candy duck cute?
Below: The mess I made, which was a complete waste of time!
I really had good intentions and high hopes with this, but alas, it failed. I thought about not even posting it, but the whole process was such an effort and yet a failure, so maybe I just need some consoling. In a previous post I shared some pictures of the effect a kitchen sponge had on my nails when used as a stamper, more or less, and it turned out pretty good, I thought. Well, not this one. I used a cosmetic sponge which is much more dense and I imagine it just soaks up the nail polish too fast to really give the look I was going for. I started out by painting my nails with a frosty off-white color, then painted a line using a generous amount of polish in 3 different "Easter pastel" shades on the back of an old greeting card. I then placed the sponge over the pattern, picked it up, and rolled it across my nail from one side to the other, much like when applying a Konad stamp. I repeated it 3, yes, 3 times, trying to get a darker tint, to no avail. By then I was so irritated I thought maybe if I topped it off using Misa's Confection Section as a topcoat it might redeem itself a bit, but it did not. Poor little duck was the only thing that looked cute in the picture. But he is no longer with us. I ate him to console myself from the disappointment that this whole process caused me.


  1. I'm so sorry for the fail, those are always so majorly disappointing! But I am really, really grateful when people share these stories! Otherwise I think I'm the only one that fails - LOL! But the idea sounds great - if you ever want to try again, I wonder if cutting a strip from a regular sponge would work - I think that you're right; the make up sponge is too dense.

    And the duck is way cute XD

  2. Oh, poor little duck :-( I hope that you have passed the major disappoinment and are having a Great Easter Time :-)

  3. At least you took the chance to try something new, I have tried may things, and now have a million ideas to try. If you have the energy to try again, use the kitchen sponge , i think the multi colored thing will turn out awesome.

    I have a few posts of " FAIL!!!" to add to my blog... so myself and others are glad that you put yourself out there.....

  4. Lol! I hope the little duck made you feel better! That's too bad the mani didn't turn out,dang! I hope you have a better result next time.

  5. This was a great idea, too bad it didn't turn out that well. I bought some makeup sponges to try to use it for another gradient attempt. On THIS POST she uses the makeup sponge with a good deal of nail polish. I'm gonna try this soon (I hope).
    Happy Easter!

  6. Nivipa~yes, learn from my mistakes! I've got some other ideas to play with so I can conquer this!

    Amabile~the duck had a good life, until I ate him! I'm over my dismay now. You have a wonderful Easter!

    Deez~failures are important too! It's a learning thing, I guess. I'll be trying the kitchen sponge again!

    Velvet~yep, he made me feel better :)

    Nessa~that's a great tutorial, thanks for the link. Looking forward to seeing what you try. Happy Easter to you too!

  7. Mary thanks for showing us your failure. It's nice to know that others mess up. Glad you had a cute ducky to console you.

  8. Lucy~always glad to share my failures! Have a great Easter today :)