Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mermaid in the Shade~Sephora by O.P.I. Swatches

Ariel gazes longingly at the collection, top L-R: Blue Grotto, Underwater Fantasy. Bottom L-R: Mermaid to Order, Just a Fairy-Tail, Lagoon-a Beach, Water Baby.
Above: Indoors with flash L-R: Blue Grotto, Underwater Fantasy, Lagoon-a Beach, Mermaid to Order, Water Baby, Just a Fairy-Tail.
Above: Laying sideways in a window with full sun, no flash L-R: Blue Grotto, Mermaid to Order, Just a Fairy-Tail, Lagoon-a Beach, Water Baby, Underwater Fantasy.

These are quick swatches, no top coat was used. Pardon the flaws in my technique and my cuticles! I tried to take a picture with a flash and another in the sun coming through a window for each color in order to show you their true colors. Click on pictures for detail.
Above is Underwater Fantasy, on left with flash on right, no flash in sunlight. 3 coats.
Below is Mermaid to Order, on left no flash in sunlight, on right with flash. 2 coats.

Above is Blue Grotto, flash used on left, no flash in sun on right. 2 coats.
Below is Lagoon-a Beach, flash used on left, no flash in sun on right. 3 coats, needed 4!

Above: Water Baby with flash on left, no flash in sun on right. 2 coats.
Below: Just a Fairy-Tail with flash on left, in sun no flash on right. Again, 3 coats, needs 4.

Below: Layered over Blue Grotto. Index=Lagoon-a Beach (works much better as a layering polish!), Middle=Just a Fairy-Tail, Ring=Underwater Fantasy, Pinkie=Water Baby.
Here they are, some pictures and swatches of the Mermaid in the Shade collection from Sephora. All in all, I really like this collection, although a couple of them (Just a Fairy-Tail and Lagoon-a Beach) need 4 coats if you don't want visible nail lines. Other than that, I have no complaints! Those ultra-sheer ones make nice layering polishes, so not all is lost on them. I love the fact that 3 of them are glass-flecked polishes, which I didn't realize when I ordered them. Underwater Fantasy, Lagoon-a Beach and Just a Fairy-Tail are glass-flecked, Water Baby is more of a frost, Mermaid to Order is almost a foil and Blue Grotto is the lone creme of the collection. The application was fine, drying time was normal and the polishes are more on the thin side formula-wise, but the coverage was fine, other than the sheerness of the two I mentioned. Let me attempt to describe the colors for you (I said attempt, this is not a strong point of mine!)...Blue Grotto is a bright darker shade of royal blue and very shiny on it's own. Mermaid to Order is a true turquoise with tiny, tiny silver speckles, while Water Baby is a whitish-silver color, again with very small silver speckles. Just a Fairy-Tail is a true silver with bright silver glass flecks, Lagoon-a Beach is a baby blue with blue and silver glass flecks and my favorite one, Underwater Fantasy, looks like a shade of periwinkle with a hint of lavender in the bottle. However, once applied, it is a much more blue in color and when holding the bottle under a light I see various colors of glass flecks, including silver, green and pink. I'm happy with this collection because the colors are quite a bit different from many of the other Spring/Summer ones that have come out recently and personally, the colors caught my eye as some of my favorites, not as nail polish colors necessarily, but as some of my favorite color shades in general. And of course because my daughter is a huge fan of The Little Mermaid, I really had to get them!


  1. Ooooh I love them all!! I have to get this collection!

  2. Very pretty collection. They look so pretty on you. Your daughter might want to keep them in her room! They just look so pretty all lined up together. My favorite is Blue Grotto. Might have to buy it. I wonder if it is a dupe to Essie's Mesmerize? Anyone know?

  3. lol at ariel gazing at the polish!! Great pic!!

    Great swatch's , none of these colors just struck me as "got to have", but that's a good thing!! I am still on a no-buy until May.

  4. Velvet~they are pretty and kind of different as far as a collection.

    Lucy~I liked looking at them all lined up, too! Blue Grotto is similar to other colors I have, but I don't have Mermerize to compare.

    Clockwork~it is, isn't it :)

    Brooke~I thought Ariel was a must with a collection like that! Don't go crazy come May 1st!

  5. All look very pretty on you :)

  6. Wow; Mermaid to Order and Just a Fairy-tail are really pretty! Nice haul ;)

  7. Olivia & Vanessa~thank you! The more I look at these, the more I love them.