Tuesday, April 28, 2009

L'Oreal Summer of Safari 2009

Above: Desert Dawn, a bright bronze-gold with a hint of pink. It has an almost metallic finish with tiny multi-colored glitter (click pic). Pre-clean up.

Below: Exotic Expedition, a fire engine red with my favorite glass flecked finish. Click pictures for detail. This is very similar to China Glaze Cherry Pie. Pre-clean up.

I spotted these last week and picked up 2 of the 4 polishes that are part of the display. The display reads: "Bronze Gone Brazen, Summer of Safari 2009". It includes some lip glosses, eye shadow quads and bronzing powders, as well as 4 nail polishes. I only have 3 or 4 L'Oreal polishes and I thought these colors looked nice, so for the good of my collection I thought it best to pick them up! How could I not when they were BOGO and I had 2 $2.00 coupons? My total cost was .99 so I didn't feel too much guilt. The makeup is geared toward coppers and bronzes, while the nail polish includes a bright bronze-gold (shown above, Desert Dawn), a bright fire engine red with glass flecks (shown above, Exotic Expedition), a bright gold which I didn't get (called Tribal Treasure) and a dusty rose with a hint of beige, which I also passed on (called Safari Sunset). They applied well in 2 coats, and although L'Oreal polishes have a somewhat stiff brush and a thicker formula than what I'm used to, they gave me no problem. Speaking of safari's, my brother-in-law is going to Africa on one this summer and I'm thinking about asking him to look for nail polish for me. Something tells me he wouldn't be too enthusiastic about my request!


  1. Nail polish in Africa? You gotta think about the quality of those, maybe... Maybe! Haha. Anyway, great finds, and for $.99? I would not have felt guilty either! I wish I had coupons for...everything!

  2. How could you pass up polish with coupons and BOGO! Good deal that you got. I liked Exotic Expedition best till I clicked on Desert Sunrise. They both have a lovely shimmer. The first one won out. Good idea to ask for some polish from Africa. How lucky to go on a safari. I'd also ask for some of that beautiful material they have.

  3. Like the gold on you! Haven't seen these in Australia at all...

  4. I wore nail polish in Africa! More than one animal tried to pick it off of my nails - they knew it wasn't "natural"! They also very gently picked the mascara off my eye lashes :}

  5. That will be interesing to see what sort of nail polish you could get from Africa, I hope he doesn't mind doing that for you.

    I also noticed this collection the other day, I wasn't just too impressed. I love bronze colors, but none seem to look just right on me.

    The red looks really pretty on you I think :)

  6. Those are really pretty! Ohhh; I wish I can go on an African safari too one day ;)

  7. What a catch! .99 for all this is not much at all.

  8. These are lovely! I'm liking the marketing for this collection. "safari"...I have always wanted to go on safari. I guess I've seen Out of Africa too many times...lol!

  9. Chrissy~I'm always on the lookout for where I might find different nail polish that what I have access to, so Africa? Why not! Agree, coupons are great guilt erasers :)

    Lucy~I really like both of these polishes for different reasons. If you knew my brother-in-law I seriously doubt he's get me any 'girly' things! But don't think I won't ask.

    Nixxy~I hope it shows up down under for you!

    Mrs. KiwiYeti~welcome! I have heard that animals in the wild do things like that! How fun that you got to go there :)

    Brooke~as I told Lucy, I don't think the idea will go over big with him, but I'm going to try!

    Vanessa~Africa would be beautiful, I'm sure. Glad you like the polish colors.

    Alexlyndra~such a deal, indeed! I couldn't pass on it.

    Velvet~I thought the concept of "safari' and some of the product names were cute. I've never seen Out of Africa, can you believe that?

  10. Olivia~thanks, I'm glad you like it!