Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun With French Tip Looks!

Above: I started out in the top right corner using my base color from yesterday, NYC Wall Street, then free-handed a french tip using Wet 'n Wild Sparked. In the largest picture I free-handed over the Wall Street using Finger Paints Plum Crazy on my nail bed, leaving the tip untouched in the Sparked. In the lower right corner I simply applied a lighter sheer over the entire nail using Pure Ice in Nasty Girl.
Good morning! It's Friday, so that makes everything better! I thought it would be fun to show you some looks that are very easy to do and the color combinations are as unlimited as your imagination. When doing a french tip, I used to rely on the Orly French Manicure White Tip Guides, a little packet of pre-cut curved adhesive liners to get the white nail polish on the tip perfectly applied before adding the sheer, overall color. I've been practicing free-handing the tip and I actually prefer the outcome. The problem I found with the tip guides, was that the line looked almost too perfect and stark. Any flaw in your application or placement of the guide seemed magnified. If I wasn't very careful, I ended up with a slight ridge of polish at the point where the sticker edge was on the nail bed. Free-handing is accomplished simply by positioning my finger on the edge of a surface (my desk) at a slight right angle, then placing the brush edge (assuming I'm working on my left hand and I'm right-handed) on the left edge of my nail. Then, holding the brush still, I roll my finger from right to left. You get a clean edge that seems to have a bit of a softer finish at the base of the line. There is no possible residue left over, as was sometimes a problem with the stickers, and the coverage of the tip color seems to be more even. Also, if you're using a base color on your nail bed, with the stickers you risk pulling some of that color off when you remove it after applying your tip color. I still need practice and the examples in the pictures were done quickly, so they are not my neatest work. It is much easier than it sounds, believe me!


  1. This was the idea I was thinking about! All look great! Do you have a problem removing dark Finger Paints? When I removed Artist's Sapphire it stained my nails (I used a basecoat) and my fingers like I was fingerpainting! Maybe that's why it's called that?! Did you experience that?

  2. Thank you for that helpful tip! I sitting here with my left hand on the edge of my lap top pretending to do this! I've got to go try this!(runs off to get nail polish)!

  3. Great tips!! Now if only I could actually get a free edge to grow out on my shorties I will be set :)

  4. Thanks for the tips. Free handing is MUCH easier I have found. Love the color combos, too!

  5. Great tip. I'm like Brooke in that I need a free edge to paint. I have those guides just sitting there waiting for my nails to grow. I've never had a french manicure in my life. I don't really care for that look. But I do like the manicure with a different colored tip or like the ones you did.

  6. Nessa~no, I didn't experience that. I use Sally Beauty Secrets and love it for a remover. What do you use?

    Velvet~it's a lot easier than it sounds, I promise :)

    Brooke & Lucy~yes, I guess some tip would be necessary! I'm thinking of cutting mine, they're going to break if they get much longer :/

    Olivia~Glad you like it, and it is pretty easy.

  7. I just used a Walgreens brand acetone as the remover and usually I don't have a problem with it. I did put on a ton of coats though, maybe that had something to do with it?


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