Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Estee Lauder Polishes and an Eyeshadow!

Above & Below: Bronze Goddess from their Bronze Goddess 2009 summer collection. Perfect application, this is a stunning deep gold shimmer.
Below: Rosa, Rosa is a classic lighter magenta shade with a cream finish.
Below: A close-up of the colors in the eye shadow duo. Pale Moon and Mocha Cup.
Below: Swatches on my hand. Pale moon is a delicate pink with a hint of lavender (on left) and Mocha Cup is a medium mocha color. Both are subtle, yet shimmery.
There's something so rich and elegant about Estee Lauder polishes, perhaps it's the bottle or the smooth application. Whatever it is, I definitely like it! I don't have very many of these and that would be due to the price ($18.00). Rich as they may seem, I am not! I've seen them here and there for less on questionable websites, but these are from our local Estee Lauder counter. The sales associate was very kind, applying the polish on her own nails so I could see what they looked like. Her nails looked like Skittles by the time we were done, but I appreciated it and she seemed happy to do it. I asked her if she had any samples (I was just thinking of a little one-time-use packet of eye cream or something) and she showed me a lovely eye shadow duo and asked if I'd like that. Of course I would! We had a nice little chat about nails and nail care, so it was a pleasant little transaction. I'd be interested in hearing if you have any Estee Lauder polishes and if so, what some of your favorites are.


  1. I'm curious about a black polish that Estee Lauder released prior to the Chanel Vamp craze of 1994. I went by an Estee Lauder counter a couple months ago but none of the colors intrigued me.

  2. Love those colors, I was wondering about Estee Lauder I have not seen it in any of the blogs, I have one ancient bottle in a not very nice color, let me know what you think of the quality!

  3. I've never used any Estee Lauder nail polish. I certainly love their fragrances! I do like both of those colors.

  4. I've never tried Estee Lauder before. The polishes and eye make-up look beautiful. I like the gold cap on the!

  5. Wow the SA seems so pleasant!! I'm glad you had a good time shopping. SAs here are mostly rude...barely helping and if they do help they have no idea what you are talking about!! And because I have a piercing they all think I *will* steal their stuff. Psh. Lame people.

    Anyway, those polishes are lovely! And I do agree, I was going to mention that there was just something about those polishes that comes across as so elegant to me. But the price is just..ouch! Lol.

  6. I don't own any Estée Lauder polishes either; mainly because of the price, those look great!
    Love the eye shadows ;)

  7. Bronze Goddess is seriously gorge!

  8. I have never tried the Este Lauder np, really don't even think I was aware of them. But I usually steer clear of makeup counters, the ladies that usually work them have "haughty" additudes (at least from my limited exp.). I LOVE their bottles though. I love the square shape and the look of the polish suspended in the glass, reminds me of the SH Salon bottles, but more elegant.

  9. That bronze is very special and it looks real good on you - I often have troubles with bronze or gold polishes, because many time I feel they make my hand look older, if you know what I my last haul, I decided to try those colors again, but I didn't take their pics yet. but now that I see it on you, it really looks great !
    And Rosa....well, I assume you csn already guess that I love color !

  10. The Asian Girl~I'm not familiar with a black polish from EL. Their colors do tend to be on the conservative side, so that would be interesting to see!

    Nora~their quality is supreme. I have some older ones too. The application is really nice. I used a Revlon the next day and although I like Revlon, it was like driving a Mercedes and then having to drive a little compact car with no options!

    Lucy~thanks you! I like some of their fragrances too and their skincare is supposed to be good also.

    Velvet, they do make a quality polish. I agree, I like the gold caps and the gold printing on the bottle.

    Chrissy~that's too bad your SA's are like that :( Luckily I had a gift card so the cost wasn't much out of my pocket!

    Vanessa~thank you and yes, I'm excited to try the eye shadows out.

    Clockwork~I thought is was such a pretty color. Not much for golds, but this one seemed different.

    Brooke~I have never had a bad experience at a counter, although I have certainly heard some other people's horror stories. Bottle shapes are pretty, but these only have .3 oz. of polish instead of the usual .5. It's mostly glass making it look full-sized!

    Tuli~glad you like the colors too! Am looking forward to seeing your pics.

  11. Hello there!I love Estee Lauder's polish especially for their brush I think it just makes everythink easy, a very accurate one!I happend to check out Estee Lauder counter today at my local sephora in Greece and I'm telling you the european version of this polish is totally different it looks more like a very light sand colour and not a bronze weird is that???

  12. Katie~Hello to you! Their brush does work well, it doesn't look like anything special but it works well. That is very wierd, like the Japanese OPI DS polishes, totally different than ours.