Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brand Focus: Ruby Kisses

Above: Top Row L-R: Red Cameo, Shiny Peach, Blue Pearl. Bottom Row: Powder Blue layered over Blue Pearl, Twinkling Mauve. *click on pictures to better view the finishes*

Below: The Ruby Kisses I far! Top Row L-R: Party Pink, Cotton Candy, Shiny Peach, Powder Blue, Neon Green. Bottom Row L-R: Gold Velvet, Twinkling Mauve, Sheer Moonberry, Red Cameo (love this one!), Blue Pearl, Baby Blue.
This is a brand I recently discovered and I am very pleased with it! They're extremely inexpensive (the highest I've seen them priced is $1.99) and come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. They can be found online at various e-tailers as well as some independent beauty supply stores. The application is good and the coverage on the cremes I've tried is phenomenal, opaque in 2 coats and a wonderful, shiny finish. The pictures are all with no topcoat and if I had to choose one trait that stands out, I'd have to say it's how glossy the finish is. The Powder Blue (shown over the Blue Pearl) was very sheer, so I topped the darker blue with it and loved the end result. Of the others I have tried, the coverage and color is strong and complete in 2 coats. Several of the ones I picked up have an almost mirror-like metallic finish (Shiny Peach, for example) and are incredibly foilish (is that a word?!!). They are manufactured by Ivy Enterprises in Port Washington, NY. This company also manufacturers Kiss Cosmetics as well as a Kiss Haircare line and a perfume line. My research shows me that they have just 50 employees, so they are relatively small. I only own 11 of these polishes but definitely have the desire for more, now that I have discovered them and had a chance to use several of them. If you come across these pretties, pick a couple up and I think you will agree with my findings. If you are unable to locate these, let me know and I'll try to pick some up at my local beauty supply for $1.59 each. They were on sale for .99 when I bought them and after trying them, I should have snatched up every color they had!


  1. ooooohhhhhh I love bargains... I am looking forward to a swatch of that deep blue," blue Pearl".

    While I am sure most people can get their hands on Essie's, O.P.I's and other expensive polishes, I looooove finding bargain brands for super-duper-cheap. At $1 each and two coat coverage that is an good buy.

    I spent some time researching the "bargain" polishes you posted a while back, thank you for that! I had'nt heard of most of those before. And Kiss products ( i am sure it's the same one ) makes the most awesome acrylic false nails for my wide nail bed!

    A+ on your blog,....... and the tip jar winner's idea is fab, just a bit of Vaseline rubbed into the grooves on bottle makes a huge, huge difference. I own polishes that I have had for years { like 12 years = seriously } that have no icky-crustiness because of this.

  2. Oh!! Mary!! Give me a new brand to have to go and hunt down!!Lol! Those colors are gorgeous!! I love finding a "good bargin"!! That makes it even better!!

  3. I will have to look for this brand of polish online. It's crazy that we will pay a good amount of money for some polishes, but find a bargain! That really sends us over the moon.

  4. I recently found this brand @ a little beauty supply store in the outer suburbs of the Capital City. I only got one...a really bright yellow! I appreciate the review on this "cheapie" (as I call the inexpensive brands). The next time I head down to VA for a weekend, I will definitely pick up a few more!

  5. Deez~thanks so much for the A+ and I'm glad you love these other brands, too! It's fun researching about some of these 'other' brands.

    Velvet~yes, you must go on a hunt now! We all seem to love bargains :)

    Lucy~I've seen them online several places, and bargains are appreciated, aren't they!

    Pretty Brown Girl~I know you love the brights! Hope you find some more on your next trip to VA.

  6. Thanks for swatching that blue,,,,, wow it really is fabulous! When I head down to the U.S. for shopping, nail polish and make-up is my ONLY priority!

  7. Deez~it's a great deep blue. No matter where or when I shop, nail polish and cosmetics always manage to be a part of my purchases!