Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brand Focus: Orly Nail Lacquer

Above: Orly Terra Cotta (way more pink/coral than terra cotta!)
Below: Orly Close Your Eyes
Below: Orly Gimme The Scoop
Below: My Orly Collection: Top L-R: Close Your Eyes, Total Knockout, Glitz, Walk Down The Aisle, Green Apple. Bottom L-R: Glam, Sweet Tart, Terra Cotta, Santa Fe Rose, Strip Down, Pretty Please, Gimme The Scoop.

Below: Top L-R: Love Each Other (this is amazing over dark colors), Clear, Shine On Crazy Diamond (another great layering polish). Bottom: Some of the Orly French polishes L-R: Pointe Blanche, Angel Face, Sheer White Tips, Beverly Hills Plum. (click pics to see what I mean about the layering polishes, color-filled sparkles!)
Below: Orly Glam
Below: Shine On Crazy Diamond layered over Nicole You Go, Girl!
Below: Orly Santa Fe Rose
Orly Nail Lacquers were invented in 1975 by Jeff Pink, who also invented the original French Manicure. Their website, Orlybeauty.com, has a section on French Nail products and looks if you're interested in learning more about that process. Orly polishes are DBF-free and have a unique gripper brush handle cap. They feel a bit awkward at first, but are easy to get used to. I have always found the Orly brand to apply very well with great coverage and long-lasting wear. As with most brands, every now and again I have found one where this wasn't the case, but that is a rare find within this brand. Their core colors consist of over 150 choices and they do introduce seasonal collections several times throughout the year. I am also quite fond of some of their nail treatments, including Orly Bonder base coat and Orly Won't Chip top coat. I have 4-5 other treatments from them, but I haven't had a chance to use them enough yet to form an opinion. I usually purchase my Orly products at Sally Beauty (where they're buy 2 get 1 free this month), but I believe they can also be found at Ulta and various beauty supply stores. Several e-tailer suppliers such as Head2toebeauty.com and 8ty8beauty.com also carry this line. They range in price generally, from $3.00-$4.00 dollars per bottle and they're a bit bigger (.6 fl. oz.) than most (OPI for example, are .5 fl. oz., which is the most common size) other popular brands. Although this brand doesn't seem to get the hype that many other brands get in the nail polish community, I think their quality, combined with a reasonable price, put them in the top 5 as far as brand satisfaction, in my opinion. They don't come out with huge collections, nor do they come out with one-of-a-kind colors too often, but they certainly offer a very good range of colors and some unique ones, as well. Their newest collection, Tiki Time, is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. With only 4 colors, it certainly doesn't rival the China Glaze Kicks collection with 12 colors, but Tiki Time offers 4 great seasonal colors, including Mint Mojito, which is a very popular shade for the upcoming summer months and is one of the hottest shades this season as far as polish color. If you haven't tried this brand, I certainly recommend it, or if you're curious about some of their shades check out this web site, Orlydiva.com. They have an excellent list of Orly colors and bottle pictures, many of which I have never seen anywhere else. *Disclaimer: I have never ordered from this site so I cannot comment on their availability or service*. I hope you've found this 'brand focus' interesting and/or informative and I'd love to hear your thoughts on Orly and some of your favorite shades.


  1. I like Orly polish. They have some nice shades. Also like the bottles with the rubberized cap.

  2. I like Orly's too. I have several of the same colors that you do! I wasn't aware that they invented the french mani though, so that's interesting to know. My fave thing about Orly has got to be the rubber handles, I love them! Great post with lots of info :)

  3. Also a fan of the rubberized handles. Santa Fe Rose looks pretty on you especially.

  4. I only have one Orly and it's not even a real polish but a sheer French manicure glaze. I really don't see too many unique shades that scream out "BUY ME!" when I walk by. (China Glaze, however, is a whole another story.) I really do want Mint Mojito though; I love MAC Peppermint Patti and can't seem to get enough of mint greens this year.

  5. awwwwww, thanks for posting all that info, i found it informative and interesting, and I like to know the story behind things.....

    Invention of the french manicure? really? that is surprising! I am off to the sites you have posted......

  6. I like Orly's polishes a lot. And, their prices are reasonable.

  7. Lucy~I really like the handles, too!

    Clockwork~Santa Fe Rose is a nice, simle color, but prety. Another handle lover!

    Brooke~Glad you found it interesting and I think we all like the handles :)

    Asian Girl~every now and again they surprise me with an 'out there' color, but not too often. The Green Apple is a nice green.

    Deez~Glad you learned something new, that's always fun!

    Olivia~yes, a great quality polish, especially for the price.

  8. how many coats did you use for the orly polish? thanks.

  9. i don't own a lot of Orlys. Come to think of it the only 2 that I have are treatments! Bonder and the smudge fixer!
    I need to get on this!

  10. Jen~I used 2 coats on most of these. Every now and againi I come across an Orly that needs 3, such as Gimme the Scoop. That was 3.

    Nessa~yes, you need some! I like their treatments very much.

  11. You've got some very nice Orly polishes! I don't give Orly as much attention as I should. I usually just goes the China Glaze way but I'm missing som great polishes.

  12. Alexlyndra~nothing wrong with choosing ChG! Orly makes a very good product too, just not as much in the color selection department as ChG.