Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brand Focus: OPI Designer Series, Part I

Above: DS Glamour, a violet blue. Below: DS Design, a golden beige (MUST CLICK PICS FOR TRUE REPRESENTATION OF THESE CONFETTI-FILLED BEAUTIES!)

Above: DS Passion, a soft, glowy pink/mauve. Below: DS Ruby, a ruby red with a hint of pink.

The OPI Designer Series (DS) are quite possibly one of the best overall polishes I have ever experienced. I say this for several reasons: the finish is truly unique, the application is flawless and the wear of this polish is nothing short of phenomenal. I was going to cover these in one post, but I'm going to do it in two parts because I think there's more than enough information and swatches to warrant that. I will be covering these again with additional information and swatches later in the week. The only drawback to these is the price, $12.50 retail. You can ofter find them discounted at chain beauty stores (Trade Secret, Regis) and one of my favorite e-tailers, Transdesign, offers then at $6.95. I would not, nor would I ever, pay $12.50 for one, because as much as I love them, why pay that when they can be found elsewhere without too much hunting, for less? Like most polishes, OPI releases these and then discontinues some of the colors. But don't give up hope if you can't find the one you want! When you do find it, it will make it all the more worthwhile. Let's discuss my reasons for thinking so highly of this line and I'd certainly be interested in your opinions, weather you agree with me or not. The finish is something that is difficult describe in just a few words. It's holographic and reflective, it seems to have an almost 3-dimensional appearance, it has depth and almost a texture to it, somewhat like a plush velvet. The way it catches light and reflects a rainbow of colors is absolutely beautiful. Although holographic, it is different from other holos in that it is more uniform in pattern and seems to be more even, if you will. Many holographic polishes (Nfu-Oh and China Glaze OMG, for example) seem to have areas, depending on the angle, where a specific circle stands out, whereas these are simply one pure holographic pattern across the entire nail. If I was forced to give them a one word description, I would have to choose 'glow' because they seem to do just that, be it in the sunlight or natural light. I stare at my nails way too much when I'm wearing these! The application is flawless, applying smoothly with good coverage at 2 coats and the ultimate coverage at 3 coats. These have the Pro-Wide brush, which helps to insure even coverage. The durability of this line is superb, perhaps because it has diamond dust in the formula, adding to the strength. I have never experienced chipping and always have little to no tip wear. I was lucky enough to find the ones I have at a tanning/nail salon for $4.00 each on clearance. 16 bottles stand proudly in my collection and I will be adding more as I find them (at less than retail, of course!). I would love to have every one of them, because although some colors are certainly more exquisite than others, they are all beautiful simply because of the intense pigment and diamond dust used to attain the fine formulation and finish.
UPDATE: The 'Tip Jar' and 'Mini Bar' have been updated so make sure and check them out! Send me your beauty tips/product discoveries for a chance to win an AvoJuice Peach skin care collection.


  1. So good to know about the brush! I almost picked up a bottle the other day in Trade Secret, but I really didn't want to spend $12.50 on it. I will be on the lookout for these at a discounted price. Thanks for all the great info!

  2. I love these polishes as well and it has such a great range of colors! I think they could add more, but don't see that happening anytime soon :(
    Yah! I'm on the tip jar again!
    Cute background by the way!

  3. I have many of these polishes and I love them. The price is high but some of us pay for Chanel, RBL. etc. and don't blink. I've paid full price for the OPI's and I don't mind. They are beautiful. I have to buy Glamour and Elegance. Then I think I'll have them all.

  4. Olivia~after getting used to the Pro-Wide brushes, I love them. Hope you find some for less than retail!

    Nessa~I'd love to see a turquoise or a green in the DS! Glad you like the 'theme' background and thanks again for the tip!

    Clockwork~thank you and it's amazing to look at:)

    Lucy~I'm as guilty as everyone else paying full price for certain brands, no denying that! But now that I've seen them even in my small town, I'm hopeful that I can continue to be so lucky with this line. How many do you have? I'm thinking there's 33 colors that have been issued, but still researching that. I'd love to have them all.

  5. Oh my goodness! I don't own on any of the DS series. I've been on the fence about em. I imagine at some point. I'll break sown and buy a couple...Lol! They're all so pretty!