Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brand Focus: Nicole by OPI

Above: L-R Respect the World and Blue Lace, both shimmers. RtW is more green-based while BL is more blue based.

Below: L-R Deeply in Love, You Go, Girl! DiL is a beautiful blood red creme, YGG a dusty rose shimmer.

Above: My small Nicole collection L-R: Deeply in Love, Volunteer Cheer, Respect the World, Blue Lace, Change the World, You Go, Girl!, The Right Thing, One Voice.

Above: L-R Volunteer Cheer, Change the World. Very similar colors, both are shimmers. In real life VC is little bit more red-based, CtW is more pink-based.

Below: L-R The Right Thing, One Voice, both are shimmers. One Voice is a bright pinkish-orange coral.
Nicole by OPI polishes are not mentioned too much in the nail polish world, even though they are manufactured by possibly the world's largest and most dominating name in the field, OPI. Their marketing tag line is 'Colors with a Conscience'. Not only are they Big-3 Free, they also have a philosophy of giving back to society and the environment in which we live. They make monetary contributions to these causes, do not test on animals and use recyclable glass packaging. Many of their polish names reflect their attitude toward global issues, both human and environmental. On their website they state that 'At Nicole by OPI, our favorite color is green' in referencing the 'green' environmental movement. That's a great philosophy to have, and their contributions are certainly appreciated, but shouldn't they offer more green polishes then? I say that half-kidding, but I do think they should! This line does not have a big color range and although they do come out with collections and new colors, the choices are still rather limited. The formula applies very well and the staying power is right up there with the best of them. I used only 2 coats in all of these pictures with the exception of the yellow, which is 3 coats and still a bit 'patchy'...common with most yellows I have, no matter what the brand. They also offer a top coat and a base coat, although in print, they don't look like anything special. These are available at many store chains including Walgreen's, CVS, Target and Meijer and retail for between $6.00-$8.00. I am fortunate enough to live near a Meijer and every couple of months I stop in to check their polish stock. I find they often have a few Nicole's on clearance for $1.59, which is a great price for the quality. Are they worth $8.00? Not in my opinion, but if they came out with some greens? I'm sure I'd change my opinion!


  1. You're so right! Nicole is not mentioned a whole lot in the nail blog world. It's a good brand and popular as well. I am always having a hard time finding the colors I want. Because of their popularity...lol! And yes...more greens from them would be great!!

  2. I don't own a one of them. Pretty colors though. I saw them on TransDesign. Not much of a selection. Better price than Wagreens, etc. But not as good a price as clearance!

  3. I've seen lots of Nicole polishes on some blogs and I wish, as I've said before, that we had more polish brands in Sweden. Nicole by OPI has some really beautiful polishes!

  4. That's a great yellow! I haven't tried Nicole yet and I usually go for the colors that are more unusual. All the Nicole ones that I have seen are pretty much basic colors. I've never seen that yellow.

  5. I just missed out on a LE Nicole, but I found a cheaper Sinful Colors dupe. I like some of their colors (I only own one; the one with pink hearts but I can't remember the name atm), but I balk at spending that much when I can get 2 China Glazes online or even at Sally.

  6. Velvet~even when I see them at full price, most of the 'good' colors on gone! I love my turquoise ones but the others are just okay color-wise.

    Lucy~yep, they're a bit pricey and I agree, the colors could be better with a wider variety.

    Alexlyndra~they do have a couple of unique colors but you have polish we want! We need to become nail polish penpals so we could have the best of both worlds :)

    Nessa~it is a pretty good yellow. Only this one and Orly Spark give me fairly decent pigmentation. And Misa Summer Sun, that may be my favorite yellow.

    The Asian Girl~the LE ones are usually better colors, I think, but obviously harder to come by.Agree with them being too expensive.

  7. I don't own any of the Nicole's mostly because of the price, partly because none of the colors really wowed me and partly because I can't stand those bottles! lol It looks like they melted :)

  8. I'm in love with The Right Thing and One Voice! Now to find dupes... lol! I wish OPI was more accessible to me (and cheaper, but I'm sure everybody wishes that!).

  9. Brooke~the bottles are different, for sure! If they weren't on sale I wouldn't pay that much for them either.

    Chrissy~Deeply in Love and Do the Right Thing are my favorites. Yellows? Only when I'm really tan, which this time of the year I'm not!

  10. Mary - I guess that's one thing I'm really thankful for. The weather here keeps me tan all year. ^_^ But Idk, I just really like yellows and oranges in general. Makes me happy~