Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barielle Reviews: Nail Rebuilding Protein & Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender

Today I'll be sharing my thoughts with you on some more of the products I'm reviewing for Barielle. Earlier in the week I posted a review on their Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer and Nail Strengthener Cream. To update you on their performance, I'm just now starting to see a bit of cuticle regrowth and it has been one day short of a week since I used the product. I have been using the Strengthener Cream daily and am quite satisfied with the condition of my nails and the surrounding skin. On to today's products...the Nail Rebuilding Protein is recommended for soft, peeling nails in order to build them up and strengthen them. It states that it is ideal for nails that have been damaged from acrylics. I don't have any of those issues thankfully, but it can also be used as a base coat, which is what I'm doing. I have an arsenal of base coats in my rotation, from Sally Hansen Nail Quencher, Orly Bonder and a host of others. The difference I have noticed with Barielle's is the finish I get using it. It seems to be a thicker coat that actually fills in ridges and imperfections. It leaves my nails totally smooth and even, which when using other base coats, I have noticed that any ridges are still somewhat evident. When I hold my nails at an angle under a light, the hand that has the Barielle products is completely lacking any ridges whatsoever, while the hand that has no product on it shows both vertical ridges and a few horizontal bumps, for lack of a better word. It's like a coating of polyurethane on my nails that somehow magically levels everything out. It's main ingredients are keratin, vitamin E and wheat protein and it's scented much like a nail polish. It's price is high at $17.00, but I honestly think I would spend the money for it. I buff my nails once in a while to get rid of ridges, but buffing basically thins out your nails, which can't be a good thing. I am extremely impressed with the finish I get from this and over time with continued use, I imagine that my nails will be stronger and in better condition, overall.

The Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender is a high gloss, quick-drying formula that is chip resistant. It also has a UV absorber that according to the packaging "prevents dark colors from fading and light colors from yellowing." The box states that it is dry in 60 seconds, which I found to be true. As far as the UV absorber, to be honest with you, I never leave a polish on more than a day, so I can't judge it's ability to keep colors intact. I can tell you however, that it does dry very quickly and leave a high shine. I have read several reviews on this product and it seems to perform very well for many people. It too is priced at $17.00 which for this product, I doubt that I would pay that much, simply because I change my polish so often. I do believe it would be worthwhile for the person that does their manicure with the intent of leaving the polish on for a week, as the reviews I read praised the fact that the users were getting 5-7 days of wear before any noticeable tip wear.


  1. another great review! Both of these products sounds great, but I doubt I would get either of these. I do buff my nails freq. so I don't have ridges on my nails, and I agree with the same reasons you had on the top coat. I think both would work great for other people though.

  2. Thanks for the review, Mary! The Barielle lady wrote to me and got me all excited, but then she couldn't ship internationally. Bummer :(

  3. Great review! I'm gonna check out the Nail Rebuilding Protein; I wonder whether anyone offers them on eBay for us internationals...? A search will tell! ;)

  4. Good review! I'll have to keep Barielle in mind. Sounds like good stuff to try out.

  5. Brooke~thanks, glad you enjoyed the review!

    Pixie~aw, that's too bad, you would've done a great job reviewing, I'm sure!

    Vanessa~I would think you could find it somewhere, hopefully :)

    Velvet~yep, it's definitely good stuff of what I've tried.

  6. I like Barielle Camouflage, especially for streaky colors, but wow, their prices are sky-high! I pick mine up at TJ Maxx. There is one Barielle product I'm very interested in and that's their nail color line...I'm really disappointed that it's not as widely distributed in CVS. I liked their Fall/Winter collection; now if I could only find their summer collection!

  7. The Asian Girl~I've heard good things about their Camo, but have never used it. I'll be doing a "Brand Focus" and have 3 colors to share with you. I believe the yellow one may be from their summer collection.


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