Friday, April 24, 2009

Barielle Products I'm Sampling

Above: Products received from Barielle for review L-R, Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer, Nail Rebuilding Protein, Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender, Nail Strengthening Cream. Shades polishes L-R, Flirtini, Lemondrops and Mysterious. Click on picture for more detail.

Good morning and Happy Friday! I'm very excited because Barielle contacted me recently and stated that they had come across my blog, liked what they saw and wondered if I'd be interested in trying one of their products in exchange for reviewing it. I have been following Brooke's 'Barielle Wednesdays' column, as she too received some products from them, and have been impressed with her progress in using them. I do not have any Barielle other than 2 Shades polishes, and although I have certainly heard of them, I wasn't too familiar with their products or philosophy. The e-mail I received from them stated "The best part about Barielle is their problem-solution approach to skin care. If you have a skin problem, Barielle can help you identify the best product to treat it." I visited their website but was unsure of what product to choose, so I figured they could, as they stated, help me to identify what I needed. I told them that I really didn't have problem nails and also mentioned that I do a 'Brand Focus' column each week, but didn't own enough Shades polish to accomplish that, so some polish would be fine. I was surprised and excited when a box arrived from them yesterday and I must admit, they did an excellent job, not to mention generous, with choosing not just 'some polish' but also including other products that seem to fit my needs. Today I wanted to share with you what they sent me and over the next week or two I'll be reviewing the products and posting about my opinions. Check out their website and see what they have to offer. They seem to have something for everything when it comes to nail, hand, foot and skincare problems. They have been around for over 30 years and are currently offering 10% off orders over $60.00, free shipping at $50.00, a free sample with every order and buy 2 polishes get 1 free. They do ship internationally and also have a store finder on the website for buying their products locally. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Barielle as I learn more about them also, and thank you to Barielle for allowing me to share your products with my readers.
***Update on international shipping: One of my European readers commented that she was having trouble contacting/ordering from them so I called and spoke with Sharon in their New York office. She advised me that they were working with their UK/European distributor on a new website that should be up and running in 2 weeks. She will keep me posted on the progress and I will in turn let my readers know as well.***


  1. Sounds very interesting. Must go now and check Barielle out! Enjoy, testing out the products they sent you!! Thanks for the info.

  2. Very nice !
    Hmmm, I'm not sure they ship internationally, I can't place an order from their website and they didn't reply to my email... :(

  3. Velvet~thanks for the comment and I'll keep you updated with my reviews.

    Celine~welcome! I just spoke with Sharon at their New York office and explained the problems you were having. She stated that Select Cosmetics, their European distributor is working with them on an updated website that should be available in about 2 weeks. She will e-mail me with further information at that time and I will pass it along to you :)

  4. Can't wait to read the reviews, have a couple Barielle polishes and love them.

  5. I'm glad that they contacted you! Isn't that fun, getting products for review? I also was amazed at the amount of products they sent me, as I was only expecting one product. I am interested to see what you think about these products too :)

  6. How nice for you Mary. I'm always interested in products to help nails and skin. Looking forward to your reviews. Like the three colors of polish. I've never used their nail polish. I'll have to look for it.

  7. Hi Mary, thanks for visiting my block, I use Barielle nail camouflage and manicure extender and it is a little early but it seems that these two keep the polish/any polish on and on. Very impressed so far, yet to try the colors.

  8. Clockwork~glad to hear you're happy with their polishes and I'm looking forward to trying the products.

    Celine~hopefully we'll hear back from them soon!

    Brooke~yes, I was really excited when I opened the box! And after reading up on them, I am anxious to see how the items work.

    Lucy~I've never seen their polishes locally, but maybe you can find some. I'll be doing my "Brand Focus" on Barielle polishes soon, so I'll be able to show you them 'on'.

    Nora~you're most welcome. I noticed you used some of their products and am happy to hear that you're impressed with them.

  9. Hi, I'm writing mainly in the hope someone from Barielle reads this :).

    I have a huge craving for Barielle Date Night, but I haven't been able to find a way to get Barielle to ship to Italy, since the old UK site did NOT carry the polish line (majour suckage), and did not ship outside the UK.
    I really hope the new one will be better than that, because right now this company is on my black list.

  10. Flavia~I hope you'll be able to get Date Night when the new web site opens. I'll also send an e-mail to Barielle explaining your problem and in turn, let you know if they can offer a solution.