Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Thrill of the Hunt: A Guide to Nail Polish Hunting!

My "kill" for the day top l to r: Old Sinful polishes, Street of NY, Soft Mink, Surf N' Blue all for $1.00 each!
Below l to r: Birthday Babe, Calling All Goddesses, Ti-Tan Your Toga, Berry Berry Broadway, I Don't Do Dishes, Dazzle Me, Give Me The Moon all for $2.00 each! They had them clearanced for $3.75 then final clearanced for $2.00. Such a deal.
Whenever I get the chance I like to check out less obvious stores to see what hard to find or unusual polishes they may have. It's kind of like going hunting or antique just never know what, if anything, you might find. It's a relatively inexpensive sport, providing you don't go crazy and buy everything you see. It's good exercise, all the walking, bending to see what might be hidden behind other products, and it really gets your adrenaline pumped when you spot your prey. I live in a fairly small town so there aren't too terribly many places to hunt, but I can usually find something that makes me think it was all worthwhile. I spent about 2 hours yesterday 'hunting' and spent a grand total of $17.00. The OPI's pictured were all $2.00 each and the Sinfuls were only $1.00. I feel kind of silly going into some of the nail salons asking if I can just look at their polish, but they are always very accommodating. I felt even sillier sitting on the floor dumping baskets of polish marked $1.00 each out for inspection. But it was fun and worth it to me. Nothing compares to that rush of euphoria you get when you spot a rarity! Here are some ideas of places you might want to seek out in your town:

~Chain hair salons like Regis. They often have some older OPI's on clearance.
~Asian Beauty Supply stores. They are famous for having some really pretty and unique polishes and even though many of the brands are unheard of to me, that doesn't diminish the prettiness.
~Family owned or non-chain drug stores. You can often find very old polishes in these, usually brand name typical drug store ones.
~Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and the like. Their stock changes rapidly, so if you're ever near one, check it out. I've found Colorama, Maybelline Mattes and so on.
~Tanning Salons. I've found that many of these carry nail polish and usually have a clearance area. I scored 14 OPI Designer Series polishes at one several months ago for $4.00 each.
~Nail Salons, especially Asian-owned ones. You'll find not only brand name polishes but often some cool glittery foreign polishes to add to your haul.
Happy Hunting!!!


  1. Congratulations on your finds! Many thanks for the ideas in where to look. I was lucky when I used to go to a salon the owner gave away her polish. I was friends with her sister and worked with her. Some of us benefited greatly from that. Way before I read blogs, I gave away the polish because itwas getting thick. I knew there was polish thinner but I didn't want to bother. I'm sorry now at the amount of polishes I got rid of.

  2. I love "hunting" too. A+ on all the info you have provided to other hunters.

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