Tuesday, March 3, 2009

St. Patty's Day Prize Update~I Added More Goodies!!!

Here's the updated prize pictured, eagerly awaiting it's new home! I couldn't help myself when I saw more goodies to add. Check my previous posts for the original items if you aren't familiar with them. I added this cute little pail to hold everything, a pair of St. Patty's Day socks to wear on the big day, a magnetic notepad with an Irish theme (it has a Chihuahua dressed like a leprechaun pictured at the bottom of the pad), a box of M & M Mint Chocolate Premium Candy and more POLISHES! In addition to the previous 4, I'm adding Sally Hansen Glow, Milani Green Glow and Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade. I feel better now that we have '7' polishes...you know, lucky 7's to fit with the theme! So send me an e-mail (mej0620@hotmail.com), put SHAMROCK in the subject line, tell me if you're Irish and include your mailing address. I'll e-mail the winner first thing March 9 and the package will go out the same day.


  1. Great prizes!! Hope I win! :)

  2. Wow, these prizes are awesome! Hey, I totally forgot to include my mailing address in my email, hope I don't get disqualified! Should I email you again for the address?

  3. Thanks for entering and for reading my blog! Good luck to you all and Nina, don't worry about it. Just respond the the e-mail if you win so I can send it off right away :)

  4. Can't wait to find out who's the WINNER!


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