Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prize WInning Mare & Lasso My ♥

I'm still playing around trying to do a gradient manicure that's post-worthy. I'm having some success, but not enough, as far as I'm concerned! Earlier this week when I was looking for polishes to talk about for my post regarding lesser-known polish brands, I came across so many untried's and polishes I'd completely forgotten I had...some were ones I don't even remember ever getting. That's not a good sign now, is it. Among those finds was the China Glaze Rodeo collection, one of their finest releases in my opinion. I'm certain I have never even tried most of them, but here are a couple that managed to make their way from the shelf to my nails: Lasso My Heart and Prize Winning Mare. LMH is shown with only 2 coats and I think 3 would've been perfect. It's a very pretty medium purple with a touch of gold veining. Unfortunately, the veining is more evident in the bottle before shaking it than on the nail, but I do love this color. Prize Winning here's an intersting shade of gold--or is it beige? I don't dislike it, but maybe it lends itself better to a pedi color, or perhaps a darker skin tone or a Konad stamp color? It's a bit muddy or dull, but redeems itself slightly with a shiny topcoat. But it is different and unlike any other color in my collection, so it is welcome to stay.


  1. I have LMH and it's so pretty. Looks very nice on you. I don't have Prize winning mare. Hmmm... not sure if it would look nice with my skin tone. Something to think about.

  2. Are you sure it's Prize winning mare? It looks more like Golden Spurs. PWM is a cool toned brown, not golden. :)

  3. Velvet~yes, it is a bit of a different color, that's for sure!

    Anne Karin~I just double checked and yep, that's my PWM! I've always thought it looked a bit lighter than pictures I'd seen, but the label says Prize Winning Mare. I have GS also, and it is a more obvious gold shade.

  4. How strange! It's probably some difference between the batches (or something like that) :D


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