Friday, March 6, 2009

Nfu-Oh #62: Holo Magic!

Click pics for close-up

This week I've been posting the non-flaky Nfu-Oh polishes and today's is a holo extreme! In the bottle it's a lighter silver color with flashes of red. It doesn't look too spectacular just sitting in the bottle but once you get 2 coats of this on...WOW! It has the tiniest little shimmer specks and when viewed close up, it almost appears to have a velvet texture to it. To me, the finish is very similar to the OPI Designer Series. I find if I use a top coat on this it dulls the holographic effect, so I generally don't use one. There are special topcoats made to enhance holo polishes, but the Nfu-s wear very well, so I'm satisfied with leaving them plain. I've just got one more Nfu to show you (a purple) and then I will have shared all of the ones I have. I'm very impressed by these and may just have to order some more of the non-flakies. ***Just a reminder...get your entries in for the Body and Soul St. Patty's day contest! The deadline is midnight this Sunday, March 8th, 2009. Scroll down a few posts for more information.


  1. Do you use a basecoat when you apply these holos? Nixxy over at Nixxy's Nails said that with a basecoat, hers chipped quickly.

  2. Nessa~thanks for your great tip yesterday for the 'Tip Jar'! Yes, I use a base coat, right now I'm really loving SH Nail Quencher. I haven't had a problem with chipping.

  3. Very pretty and glittery. Does look like several other holo's I own.