Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nfu-Oh #118-A Perfect Blue?

Above with flash, below with sunlight. Click on pics for larger image.
As promised, I'm showing you a different Nfu-Oh 'non-flaky' every day this week. This is #118 and I must admit, it may be the perfect blue. It has no other visible colors in it, which I have not come across in any of my Nfu's as yet. When I hold the bottle under a light, it does have a hint of purple iridescent shimmer, but it does not transfer that to the nail. I would term this a bright-not quite royal-not quite navy blue. The first coat went on very inky and streaky and I thought I was in trouble at that point, however, one more coat and it was perfect. I'm going to try and do a Konad design on it later today and will update my post with the picture. Any recommendations for a Konad print color?

I have an appointment at my hair salon today (love these days!) and when I get home I'm going to put the prize together for the St. Patty's day contest I'm having and post a picture of the completed prize. I've added a few more items to it to make it even more fun, so if you haven't entered, e-mail me your entry today! Then check your e-mail first thing on March 9th for an e-mail titled "You Won Some Green!" If the winner didn't include their address with their entry, I'll be requesting it so I can get your package out that day. I've received a number of International entries and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that if they win, there package will reach them by St. Patrick's Day.


  1. I think I ordered #117, which is pretty close to this one. OOooo I hope I win! You added more stuff? YAY!

  2. Oh for Konad color: silver? I picked up a Revlon chrome yesterday. I heard they are good for Konading? I know they chip almost instantly when worn on the whole nail. Have you tried them?