Monday, March 2, 2009

Nfu-Oh #035 and my Hydration Station Review

First let me say how impressed I am with the non-flaky Nfu's. Don't get me wrong, the flaky ones impress me as well! I'm going to attempt to show you a different non-flaky one every day this week and today we'll start with #035. The color is a robin egg blue with an iridescent shimmer. The first picture is with a flash and the second is in the sunlight. I had to use 3 coats and as you can see in the sunlight, a nail tip line is still showing slightly. I think if I had used a white base coat like Orly Ridgefiller or Orly Nail Armor, the line could have been eliminated. This is a really pretty polish though, very shiny and glimmery with a glow about it. It would also make a great layering color over a darker turquoise or teal or black, as it is quite sheer and has a lot of very tiny shimmer specks that reflect a rainbow of different colors. These polishes can be found at for $12.50 each. To obtain a $2.50 per bottle discount, e-mail Jocelyn at with your name and e-mail address you use for ordering, mention that you'd like the discount of 20% and you'll receive a follow-up e-mail from her with the instructions.


  1. OHH, MAN!! I wish I ordered my Nfu-Ohs after this week! I had been going around to every np blog I know trying to find rec's on Nfu-Oh colors besides flakeys!
    That's OK though. I will add you to my post about what blogs to find great Nfu-Oh colors!

  2. The water thing looks and sounds pretty cool! Where do you get something like this done at? How expensive was it? How long did it last?

    Sorry for all the questions - it just looks really interesting.

  3. Nessa-I saw your post on mua yesterday (I referred you to vampy's blog). I should've pm'd you that I was going to do some of mine this week. Didn't want to post it for fear of being flamed for 'self-promoting'! Did you google and find some you like? Thanks for the add on your blog :)
    Brooke-It was at Planet Beach, a tanning salon chain. I did 20 minutes and they also offer 30 minutes. It's $20.00 per session. And yes, it was interesting! I'm trying out a hot stone massage next week at my hair salon :)

  4. That was you on MUA?! Thanks for telling me! It helped me get motivated to search through all of the blogs I follow. I found about 5 that I like and I snagged them. Will be posting when they come in!