Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Pretty MAC Polishes

I posted earier this week (see Tuesday's post) on some MAC polishes I got at the Cosmetics Company Outlet and I wanted to share the rest of them with you. Their creme polishes apply so well, I was really impressed by the coverage I got in just 2 coats and was amazed by how quickly they dried. I absolutely love the bright orange/coral one! It's called Kid Orange. The dark purple one is called Lady Minx. These are the 2 cremes. The frost in violet/pink is called Violet to Plum, although I'm not sure where the 'plum' part comes in to play. More MAC cremes are going on my 'I want' list after trying these out. I wonder, are most of their cremes this nice when it comes to the application? Don't forget to e-mail me your beauty tips (see 'Tip Jar' in column to right). I'm narrowing down the prize for this months drawing, which will be held April 1 and all tips submitted during March are eligible for the drawing. I'll announce the prize tomorrow.


  1. I realy like that dark purple one. Kind of looks similar to the one I liked the other day that you posted :) I guess I'm consistant :)

  2. Very pretty polishes. I have a couple of Mac's but I haven't tried them yet. I guess that's the perils of having a collection of polish. Enjoying your blog.

  3. Brooke, nothing wrong with liking the purples!
    Lucy, try yours, I was pleasantly surprised and I'm happy you're enjoying the blog!