Sunday, March 29, 2009

Misa Summer Sun, Nfu 041~What Winter Storm Warning?

Above: Misa Summer Sun and Below: Topped with Nfu 41.
Today I'm ignoring the snow that is blowing around taunting my poor little daffodils and tulips trying desperately to rise out of their winter hibernation and enjoy some warmth and sunshine. Unfortunately, there is no sunshine. To counter this cold, snowy forecast, I painted my nails with Misa Summer Sun, which is a lovely medium/light yellow and the tiniest bit of shimmer. In the bottle you can see a a slight flash of pale blue duo chrome which, once on the nail, is more of a subtle pearly white flash. It's difficult to capture in a photo, but this is one of my favorite yellows because it isn't too bright, nor is it too pale. The shimmer and flash give it a little something extra and it applied well in 2 coats. I usually have a bit of total coverage issues with yellows, but not so with this Misa. Just for fun, I added a coat of Nfu 41, but I think I prefer the Misa just by itself. The 41 flashes a pale green with it's flakies. Not exactly the look I was going for, but it's better than looking at the snow outside! Don't forget to e-mail your beauty tips (see 'Tip Jar' in right hand column) for a chance to win the China Glaze Summer Days collection. The deadline is midnight on March 31. I hope you all have a great week and as always, I look forward to reading your comments and blogs.


  1. I like the way these look together, Summer Sun hmm might have to snap up one of those if I can.

  2. I really like this Misa yellow on you. I don't have this color. Another color to "want",(sigh). I must be south of you. The snow is melting and almost gone where I am. Weather said we had about 5 inches come in but temp wouldn't drop below freezing. Hope it melts fast where you are very soon!!!

  3. Clockwork~it's one of my favorite yellows. Some yellows look pretty ugly on my hands!

    Velvet~Thanks! Yes, my "want" list grows daily. The sun is out this morning, so much better than yesterday.

  4. I love that shade! I've just added that to my polish wants list. I really like Misa polishes. They have great colors.