Monday, March 16, 2009

Massini Nail Lacquers-A Meijer Exclusive?

Above: Massini Purple Medallion (you must click the pic for excessive sparkles!)
Below: Massini Drama Queen
Below: Massini Brown Velvet. The gold sparkles are much finer and less evident in this one.
Below: The elusive Massini's, l-r: Drama Queen, Purple Medallion, Brown Velvet
Massini Nail Lacquers are truly unique polishes but their availability seems to be very limited. The only place I've seen them are at Meijer stores (similar to Walmart and Target). Meijer stores are only found in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, according to the store locator on their website. Luckily, I have a Meijer a couple of miles from my house, although that doesn't really help the rest of you looking to purchase this majorly bling-tastic polish! There has been some talk of the possible fact that this is manufactured by Forsythe Cosmetics, the manufacturer of Color Club polishes, but after doing a bit of research, I can find nothing to verify that. In fact, I find very little information on Massini at all. The bottle states that it is distributed exclusively by Wholesale Merchandisers in Grand Rapids, which is also where Meijer stores are based. Maybe one of you readers can enlighten us with more information on this elusive brand. What I like about Massini's is the fact that not only are their polishes very different and major sparkly, but unlike a lot of other glitter polishes, the base color is extremely well-defined. 2 coats and you have a solid base with a ton of sparkle. The price is right as well, at only $2.99 per bottle. If you ever see a Meijer store in your travels, I definitely recommend turning that car around and picking up a few of these gems to add to your collection!


  1. purple medallion is hot!! Very gorgeous :)

  2. Wow are those polishes great. I especially like Brown Velvet. These are nowhere near me but one can always hope. Enjoying your writing and pictures. Also thanks for the mini bar!

  3. I have seen them at my Meijer, too! I haven't seen them anywhere else either.

  4. Brooke~Isn't that pretty! I think it has the prettiest sparkles in it.
    Lucy~Glad you like the mini bar! Thanks for the vote of confidence :)
    Nessa~I wish I knew for sure who manufactured them...makes me wonder what else they may have.

  5. Whoa, $2.99 and 2 coats.... that's awesome! I am so jealous of people who are in the U.S., So much selection ~ lucky girl!

  6. I LOVE the Massini color Power Pink! I found your page because I was looking for where I bought it, I just couldn't remember. So Thanks!

  7. They are *definitely* the same company. I have two colors, one Massini and the other Color Club. Both are "Emerald Depths" and they are the exact same color. Again with "Electronica". Same name, same color. Right down to the tiny red bits of sparkle in the blue Electronica. I'd be happy to send pictures of these if you'd like.

  8. Beautiful..! Massini Purple Medallion is my most favorite.. I will certainly check out our local Meijer store to get my favorite ones.