Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Konad: If Practice Makes Perfect, Then I Need Practice!

Above: Finished! I'm satisfied, but not happy with it. I need practice! It didn't line up as well as I'd hoped and my topcoat smeared the 'special' polish. Nothing 'special' about their polish.
Below: The items I used. I much prefer an old credit card to the metal scraper. It doesn't scratch the plate and seems to scrape away the right amount of polish better than the metal one.
My love/hate relationship with my Konad needs work! I've had the kit since the beginning of January and have only used it once or twice. One of my first posts was about my Konad and I don't think I've touched it since. I always admire everyone else's ability to master this little wonder tool, but am starting to doubt my own. Perhaps I'm being too critical...I am at times, my own worst enemy. Today I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Flashy Fuchsia for the base, plate #m65 and Konad Special Nail Polish in white. I will say about the special polishes from Konad (the white is the only one I have), in my opinion, they don't dry very well. I applied my topcoat after about 10 minutes and it smeared the design to the point where I had to do them over again. Applied with a lighter touch the second time around made no difference, as it still smeared. I didn't have that problem with any previous attempts, always using other polishes than the 'special' one. But I'm not giving up! I will continue my quest to conquer the Konad and someday, success will be mine. Here are some reasons I call it a love/hate relationship:

I love the challenge, I love the look (when it comes out right!), I love the versatility and the endless options you have for designs/color combinations, and for the price, it's a very reasonable and enjoyable form of entertainment!

I hate dragging everything out and cleaning it up (there's not that much to it, but I'm lazy!), I hate when I can't get it lined up exactly, I hate when I don't get full coverage or there's the slightest imperfection, and I hate that I keep seeing more and more plates that I *need*! Hmmm, it seems that my hates reflect more upon me than on the product :)

It does seem that some colors are more forgiving of imperfections because these bright cremes I used today show every little mistake as compared to the darker shimmers and lighter frosts that I used in my previous post. A topcoat also seems to diminish some of the errors. Practice seems to be the key here and I am going to attempt to spend more time bonding with my Konad. But in all honesty, I love this little thing. It's fun, it's a great way to play up your nails, it allows you to be creative and most of all, it makes me happy.


  1. It looks great, Mary! You did an awesome job! And that white is soo white! Maybe I will have to invest in the sp's.
    I have the same love/hate relationship as you. I think we all do. I don't know about you, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to do a Koni everytime I change my colors (maybe not the first day), just so I can practice more and ace this!

  2. Looks pretty good to me. I don't own the system. Eventually I will but until then, you are a genius! I imagine any design with lines is really hard to line up. How frustrating to have everything done and it smears. Ugh! I so enjoy your blog.

  3. Your konading looks good to me! I've never even attempted the "Konad". I find it a little intimidating. Pretty but intimidating, lol!

  4. I like the idea of an old credit card. My Konad scraper hates me.

  5. That's a lovely combo, makes me want to give Konad a go really badly ^^

  6. Nessa~I think I'll use your idea of practicing on the manicure before I remove it. Good idea!

    Lucy~thanks, I'm happy your enjoy the blog! Yes, Konad can be frustrating but it's also great fun.

    Velvet~Thanks for the vote of encouragement and don't be intimidated by it. Do not let the Konad win!

    The Asian Girl~yes, the credit card is so much better.

    Clockwork~I'm glad you like the colors, bright and summery. For all of my complaining, I actually love the Konad.