Friday, March 27, 2009

Hidden Treasures: "Other" Brands of Nail Polish

Some of the 'others'~ Top L-R: Nina Ultra Pro (Sally's) Mermaid, Pure Ice (Walmart) Rosebud, New York Summer ( Fire Red Glitter, Savvy (Sally's) Chocolate, Bed Head (various online hair supply stores) Dumb Blonde, MK (various nail salons and beauty supply stores) Jamaica Reggae. Bottom L-R: NYX Girls (various beauty supplies, Rite-Aid) Show Girl, Wild and Crazy (various beauty supplies, dollar stores) Wasabi, G-1 (various beauty supplies) #105, Ruby Kisses (various beauty supplies) Twinkling Mauve, Tropez (Rite Aid, Walgreen's) Luau Lilac, Sation ( Suede Shoes.

How many of you get caught up in the newest releases from some of the bigger manufacturers? I think China Glaze, OPI, Nubar, Essie and the like, conspire against us by releasing collections at the same time, knowing we will want them all! Or how about spending $15.00 or more for one bottle of polish (which I think I've regretted almost every time, except for my beloved Chanels!)? I sometimes get caught up in the madness and feel the need to have the entire collection of a manufacturer after seeing posts on Makeup Alley or some of the bigger blogs, but lately, I've been enjoying some of the more unheard of polishes in my collection. Mind you, that's not to say I have never caved to these collections, sadly, I have, more than I'd like to admit. By unheard of, I mean perhaps less expensive and/or ones that have little or no marketing behind them. While there is something to be said for the quality of the more popular brands, there are plenty of other brands that wear just as well and sometimes even better. For the most part, just about any polish will give you good application and wear when combined with a decent base and top coat. Yes, there are exceptions to that rule, but I have some higher end brands that I have had issues with as well. So if you don't have access, either financially or geographically, to a new collection or a craze (think Nfu!) you come across, go to a local beauty supply, Sally's, or even a drug store and see what you can find to satisfy that desire. Do a Google search for beauty supply stores and you'll find brands such as Adoree', Duri, Ruby Kisses and many, many more. I find my Ruby Kisses brand polishes at a local asian-owned beauty supply for .99 each. I can spend $10.00 and come away feeling satisfied...that is, until China Glaze unveils their latest collection! I'd love to hear some of your recommendations for brands and specific colors that may not be the voted 'most popular' by the mainstream, but still manage to impress you.


  1. I agree! One of my favorites but less talked about,are the Amour brand from transdesign. They're only a $1.99 a bottle. I sometimes feel that the application and wear of them are better than some opi. Thanks for reminding us of these other brands.

  2. I am not one to get caught up with all the hype of a new release. Very rarely do I feel the need to have the WHOLE collection either, but it has happened on occasion. I am a big fan of finding cheap brands that work really well, take for example my haul back from Las Vegas, I discovered Ruby Kisses and about 2 or 3 other unknown brands (to me) that were all about $1 ea and I was really impressed with them.

  3. I love to look at everything that comes out but love inexpensive just as much as more so, it really has to be special to me to plunk over say even $8 plus for a single bottle. Not that I haven't been guilty of more. /pointing at you Chanel! XD

  4. I am the QUEEN of the "cheapies" as I call them. I've actually found more satisfaction out of these lesser known brands than some of the more expensive lines. I love my Sinfuls and I just discovered Ruby Kisses and Savvy and I think their great. In these TET's (tough economic times, I really can't see my way clear to buy polish that is more than MAYBE $8. Plus, I'm a single mom. I need to justify everything and I can't justify an expensive bottle of nail polish.

    Thanks for this post! I love it!

  5. Velvet~I don't think I have any Amour polishes and I'll be ordering from TD next week, so I'll get some. Thanks for the rec!

    Brooke~first, thanks again for your great Konad step-by-step! I recently discovered Ruby Kisses and like them very much.

    Clockwork~there are tons of great polishes out there and in these times of ours, price is a huge factor. I'm just as happy with my less expensive ones though. *Hugs Chanels* !!!

    Pretty Brown Girl~Glad you enjoyed the post! I have stopped myself several times lately from buying any of the higher priced brands. I have a hard time justifying it as well and am glad to be satisfied, and even very impressed by many other cheaper ones.

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