Monday, March 9, 2009

Easy-to-Find Greens for your St. Patty's Day Manicure

Left to Right: Thumb=Sinful San Francisco, Index=Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade, Middle=Maybelline Jade Flash, Ring=Sinful Show Me The Way, Pinkie=Orly Green Apple

There's only about a week left until St. Patrick's Day and in case you're in need of some polishes for the occasion, I thought it might be helpful to show you some colors that are fairly easy to locate, at least in the U.S. I'm always 'green with envy' (get!) at the colors some of my international readers can get their hands on, but it's one of those...'the grass is always greener' things. Okay, I'll stop with the green references and get on to the descriptions and where you can find these! The Sinful colors (thumb=San Francisco, ring finger=Show Me The Way) are both shown in 3 coats and are in the regular stock of Sinful colors at Walgreen's ($1.99). The Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade (index finger) can be found at both Rite Aid and Walgreen's for $5.29. On my middle finger is Maybelline Jade Flash, which I picked up at Rite Aid last month for $3.99 and lastly, on my pinkie finger, is Orly's Green Apple, which is part of the core stock at Sally Beauty and runs about $4.50. All polishes, with the exception of the Sinfuls, are shown in 2 coats. If you have any other 'quick finds' in greens for our readers, please share them in the comments or the chat box in the right-hand column. I'll have some more Easy-to-Find greens for you later in the week.


  1. Thanks for all the greens! Now if China Glaze would bring out a green collection it would be great. Enjoying your blog.

  2. Sinful Show Me The Way is lovely. I need to pick that one up.

  3. Lucy~a ChG green collection would be soooo nice and I am very happy that you enjoy my blog. I really am having fun with it and comments like yours make me enjoy it even more.
    Pixie~isn't that pretty? For the price, I love their color range. Some are sheer, but the color is buildable.