Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do You Think of Nail Polish as an Accessory?

Do you think of your polish as a cosmetic item or as an accessory? I like to think of it as more of an accessory, similar to jewelry, shoes, scarves and bags. A little something to draw an outfit together, complimentary to the color and overall look, but not necessarily 'matching.' There are some people who feel their polish has to match their top or dress perfectly, and that's fine, but it can be much more than that. I'll use Misa Push Upon It from the Living on the Fast Lane collection as my example. It's a slightly muted fuchsia creme, but a strong color. In the pictures above, you can see it looks nice with a top that has a similar color in it, and really dresses up the outfit because the majority of that ensemble is black, other than the multi-colored top worn underneath. Pairing it with another bold bright color like the kelly green top looks bright and summery, yet in no way does it 'match.' The brown and blue print top lends itself to the obvious brown or blue polish, but the Push Upon It looks just as nice and adds a little something extra. Experiment with a few looks...even if it doesn't 'match', if you like it, wear it! With summer coming up you can double your color impact on your toes, and guess what? They don't even have to match what's on your nails!


  1. When it comes to nail polish, I usually just wear what I feel like wearing. I don't normally try to match it to what I'm wearing at all. About the only time I pay attention to that is if I am going out for a special occasion and want to look "extra nice".

    BTW - I can't remember if you have said this or not, but are you nails real or artificial? Just curious....

  2. YES! I don't walk around with a mirror, and I can't stare at my face all day, or my hair and clothes, so when I do my nails up, it's always something catchy/flashy, that I think is absolutely beautiful. I love playing with my hair, and occasionally wear makeup, but my nails are for me!

    ..... And I do gaze at them all day- especially with the holo's or glitter.

  3. I usually just wear what I feel like. If I have a special occasion I will try to match a color exactly. I'm the person who beauty experts say are wrong. I like to match my lipstick and my nails. I see nothing wrong in that. I can also "live dangerously" and not match a thing. That would be hard for me. I also would be very annoyed with office safe nail polish. I would be wearing colors that I wear now. Unless I was told not to wear them, I wear my colors as an accessory. I say if you don't like it, don't look!

  4. Brooke~Yep, me too on the just wearing whatever, although I usually think twice before something like a purple outfit and green polish, but hey, it may look nice! My nails are real. I tried acrylics once and never again!
    Deez~welcome to my blog, I'll check yours out tonight :) You're so right about looking at nails, I gaze upon mine quite often especially depending on the color.
    Lucy~Totally agree with your 'if you don't like it, don't look' sentiment!

  5. I do think of polish as an accessory, but I don't try to match colors to outfits and such. Simply, I love polish and wear it as a reflection of my taste.

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